Access to bee data


I am looking for some bee data to use in a class in introductory data analyses for ecologists. Since this is an introductory class, I am looking for simpler data in tabular format. Does the Open Source Beehive organization provide access to their data somewhere or do you have a recommendation for where I could download suitable data sets?


Dear cheflo,

the Hiveeyes Project collects beehive monitoring data from a community of beekeepers and publishes the measurements as open data. You might want to have a look at our forum topic “Welcome on board” for an overview about some datasets displayed using Grafana as well as raw data in CSV format offered from the HTTP API.

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The University Würzburg (Germany) has monitored bee colony for quite some years. They provide material for classes. The Project is called Hobos.

The mentioned Hiveeyes Project is running the Kotori backend, which can export the gathered Data in many ways.

If you read the docs:

you will find, besides the host address, $MQTT_TOPIC. Which represents Project/beekeeper/place/hive. In the context of Hiveeyes a path for download could be:

http GET --download

Not tested but you might try it out.


Hi @cheflo,

Our hive audio data is available on our landing page, and we’ll make the atmospheric data available in July once things progress a bit more. Thanks for joining the forum, and let us know if you have any further questions.



Great, thanks everyone!


@Aaron, is the data that all the buzzboxes upload to your servers available somewhere? I can remember that in the beginning this project is promoted as citizen science, at least on the Kickstarter project page ( Therefore I assumed that the data is open access with a appropriate license. I can’t find a central place to access information on all active beehives, apart from the map on the landing page. Can you give an update on the current situation?
I do have an inactive beehive as well, and plan to use it this season. It would be nice to have a central place to share (live) data with others in my surrounding and across the world.


was there any response to Mattias’ question related to sharing data?