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Hey all
I’ve got some friends who are much more technical then me. I want to import my hive info into HomeAssistant.

Where do I find all the technical info on the APIs that I can share with them please?

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I am interested in the same functionality. How to do it?


Apologies for the late reply. Please check out the docs on the Github repo. If you need further information, let us know:

I’m afraid this code won’t be able to link BuzzBox and Home Assistant. Can you help us with that?

Here I attach a link to the Home Assistant, which communicates on the MQTT protocol https://www.home-assistant.io/


Our team is taking a look and will get back to you. If you want to provide more details, that will improve the chances that we’ll be able to accommodate.

@Petr_Misak @Jamie_Pryer

Please refer to the documentation in the repository that @Aaron linked above:


  • Defines what happens when a measurement is received. By default, it appends the data into a different .csv file for each device_id and day.


  • Defines what happens when an audioevent is received. By default, it downloads the file and appends the metadata into a different .csv file for each device_id and day.

We provided a working template that just saves the data locally, but you can modify these functions to do whatever you want, including reformatting and redirecting the messages to whichever system or platform you prefer. If you successfully write in MQTT reformatting and redirecting, you’re very welcome to open a pull request and we’ll look into integrating your changes with our code.

I read the information, but we are not a programmer so creating a plugin for Google Assistan is a problem for me.

Where do I create a Plugin request?


We’re not able to make a custom Google Assistant integration at this time. That is why we open sourced the data server. You’re free to recruit some like-minded people with a similar need to modify that code base to get the functionality you are asking for.

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I understand and thank you for your answer.

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