Apis cerana too?


This is Masoud here. I am new beekeeper from India. Was wondering if the open source sensor kit and hive applicable for APIS CERANA too??


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The more people use the platform and provide inspection records in tandem with BuzzBox data, the better, more nuanced monitoring we can provide for each species of honey bee. If you are interested specifically in Apis cerana, it would be great if you would regularly monitor your hives and provide inspection records of your observations and treatments. The more data we have for analysis, the better the system will perform for everyone throughout the global network. This is my favorite part of the project: citizen science.

Best of luck with your beekeeping,

Hey Aaron,

Thanks a lot for the prompt response. Could you tell us the data points to look out for. We could start observing and giving you the points.

Also the beehive open source files that you have on the website, these are for APIs cerana too??

I am personally very interested in what you guys are doing here and would want to be a part of it. Our firm would love to be a part of the conservation of bees worldwide.

We run a firm www.loudfood.in in South India and aim to work with a group of beekeepers and increase the colony strength year on year. We are loosing a lot of hives as the next generation of the existing beekeepers are not following the path as it is not lucrative. It’ll be great if we can have a conversation soon and i can explain in detail what is happening this side of the world.

Also my area is known for stingless bees and i have 4 colonies that i am growing in my balcony. It’s really exciting and satisfying watching them up close.

Looking forward,

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Hey @thelefthander, your project sounds really great. To answer your questions:

Our downloadable beehives mimic specifications of typical Kenyan top bar (Colorado Top Bar) hives and Warre hives (Barcelona Warre). Both are “natural beekeeping” style designs. I do not known if these are well suited to apis cerena, but Im sure you can fine out online. This video I found seems to imply that, due to the smaller size of cerena bees, a top bar hive needs a special, smaller size: https://youtu.be/79uV67N73Xk

Perhaps if you look into the design specs needed for an apis cerena top bar we could see if anyone in the community could work with you on a scaled down version? If you take lead on that, maybe start a new forum thread with some research, I can send out a community email to help put a team together.

Sound good?