Are you targeting Europe as well?


If you want to adress the beekeepers outside the USA as well, I‘d suggest you add more beehive tipes (like Dadant, Zander, Seegeberger, etc which are very popular in Europe - some of them with a single broodbox) as well as bee species wich are popular in Europe like Buckfast


I noticed the free shipping in the US👍
What about Europe?


Thanks, we’ve recently been talking about adding Dadant, Flow and polystirene hives, but I havent heard of the others you mentioned.

Are there any others you’d like added?


As for free EU shipping, were working on it. Should have this available next year.

Where are you based as a matter if interest?


Hi Tristan, I’m from Switzerland. A German localization would be awesome.


Hi, I’m Mike from Belgium;
The mini Buzzbox sounds promising.
We work mostly with carnica bees here, and Simplex Hives.
Do you ship to Belgium ?


Hi @M_dk, sorry for delayed response – YES we do ship to Belgium. We actually have a number of users in Belgium already using the Legacy BuzzBox, you would be our first BuzzBox Mini user I believe! Look forward to hearing how you get on :bee:


If a product arrives here from the US, 21% VAT is added by customs.
How is dealt with that ? Can it be sent without tax ? ( otherwice it has to be paid twice ? )


Hey @M_dk we do have a sister company in Europe but we do not yet manufature there, which is the only way to eliminate these taxes, unfortunately. @Aaron do we have a way to negate EU taxes?


Hi @Tristan , do you ship to Russia? I would like to get 15 BuzzBox Mini but before ordering need to be sure it is ok with logistic


Hi Max, one of the team will answer this shortly, watch this space, thanks.


Hi Tristan,
I am moving forward with beehive research. I may have found someone at Murdoch University willing to take a look at it. Very exciting. What is the go to get a few Buzzboxes if I need them for the research project. Are the issues sorted yet?

Cheers Scarr01.


Hi @Tristan, I’ve got no answer yet. Just a kind reminder



I’ve followed up via email.