Buzz box didn’t recognise no Queen


The buzz box did recognise that my hive didn’t have a queen in it!


Just to ask I had the slightly different problem this last summer and Buzzbox recognized no queen. I had a queen but it was not laying so to my surprise the colony was not growing and more drones. But the queen was still in the hive… so buzzbox did detect anomaly in the hive. So in this case it was working…

I cannot speak for the software that runs in the background - but how low do you think your hive has been queenless?

I for example had a hive that was empty (cleaned out from winter die off) and web report came back as healthy, I think I got my report from oss sometime about a week later from the clean out. So I am not sure how accurate the data is on “days” or “within a week” but I think these are “corner” cases where the software may look at a trend overs some days/weeks… etc… So to pin point to a “day” or week the queen died may not be reasonable to detect. Also my hive was surviving as saw bees flying so but we had another cold snap that just killed them.

I am not sure if they “OSS” software team has some idea on how quick they can detect a queen less hive in the software they are running? So that is why I was wondering … I been trying to figure this out myself when or how fast can the buzzbox detect a queenless hive?

Let see if the next report show queenless —


I don’t really understand the principle behind the data that the buzzbox is using as it monitors the different frequencies of the bees. It doesn’t seem to add any value or correct monitoring of the hive. Not sure what the buzzbox is actually suppose to do???