Buzzbox Mini failed

My warre hive failed last winter so I disabled the hive and cleaned it for reused plus built an additional hive. During this time I stored my buzzbox mini for reuse with my new package of bees I just received. Unfortunately the buzzbox mini is not working now. Thought it was not charging but after opening it up found the battery fully charged. Not sure why it died? Bummer! No data will be forth coming to you for these bees.



Sorry your colony didn’t make it.

Go ahead and email with your device ID (check the settings menu). We’ll see what we can figure out. Let us know what your order number was as well.

We’ll get you taken care of,

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Just got it working again. I took off the front label to access the 6 screws and opened it up. I attached some external leads to + & - 3.7V to allow for non-solar charging. Checked the battery appearance to make sure it wasn’t swelling. I put a full charge to the battery and toggled the on/off button with a shunt, the button wasn’t working. It started and was able to connect back to the OS app on my android phone. So far its recording hive activity again. Installed into hive I just requeened hopefully it will help monitor this hive which is struggling. Wish I had a second buzz box for my other hive which I just added an additional empty warre box to the bottom, the top two boxes are full. Wondering if I can give the new queen some brood from this hive to help her out? Any suggestions?

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