BuzzBox Mini Install- trouble connecting App to my WIFI


Hello there! I just received my first Buzzbox and am excited to get it up and running!

However, I’m having issues connecting the App to my Wifi. I get to Step 2 of the registration, I am able to connect my phone to the Buzzbox wifi. But when I hit ‘next’, an internet browser window opens ( showing a blue folder labeled “hello”. It asks me if I want to open it in yahoo mail? or save it to my files? I tried both of these, but neither yields any results. At no point does “scan” appear in the browser window for me to locate my normal wifi network. So I’m stuck. I have an iphone SE version 12.3.1. What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much for your help!


I’m having the exact same problem.


Me too. Same problem here


Sit tight - we have a solution - putting the finishing touches on it now and will post a newsletter update when that’s done - give us another day.


Still same problem…


Hang tight? Seams to be your motto sir. Your product will be used as an example of frustration…


Hi @Brian – please see this thread for updates: *BuzzBox Mini Wifi Connectivity Issue*


Continuing to define incompetence. Still isn’t working now the app won’t recognize any mailing address…



Did you update the app? The mailing address issue came up for us in testing. When you enter your address, it should query a mailing API, and you’ll see a list of addresses populated below. You have to select yours from the list for it to work.

Let us know if that works.


Yes I did on both my devices and it is still not working…