Buzzbox mini Is to Expensive 199.99 USD + 19.99 USD For Shipping costing Australian Beekeepers 316.13 AUD (Australian Dollars) witch is 219.98 USD

Please Make SHiping Free And Quit lying about Free Shipping to US and EU Countries Because your Charging $19 USD For Shipping Please Make Buzz box Mini $80 USD since buzz box Mini At $199.99 USD + $19.99 USD shipping = $219.98 USD witch = $316.13 AUD (Australian Dollars)
At Checkout
Or Better Yet Don’t Charge For Shipping And Handling At All But i dough you go that Rout So Charge $70 or $80 USD for Buzz Box Mini

Check The Exchange Rate To see How much countries Pay for the device Note 1 USD is $1.44 AUD (Australian Dollars ) For Australian People

Plenty of Stock

Free Shipping US & EU <-- Lie

No Customs Fees for US & EU <–lie

This is a very confusing message Wayne.

The price is clear. That it is in USD is clear.
Is it up to OSbeehives to lose money because the exchange rate is bad?

The shipping is clear. It does not say free shipping to Australia (it says calculated at next step).
It does say free shipping to US and EU. What makes you think that this is a lie?

It is not a cheap box, sure, but is reflective of the Research and Development that goes into it. The market is not huge, so a small run product like this reflects such economics.
After you pay for the box, additional features are added in software down the track at no extra cost to you.

At $80USD, they would not be recovering costs, and the product may go away.