BuzzBox totally unresponsive to setup, reset


I have a Buzzbox that’s been running since early summer. It stopped transmitting data, and I finally got it removed from my hive and back inside to see what’s up with it.

My fuzzbox is mounted inside a top box in my hive, with only the antenna outside the box, so it sees no direct weather. I saw no physical signs of damage, no cables disconnected, etc. To ensure the battery was charging I turned it off and put it under some high intensity lamps (not so much sun these days in Portland, OR). The charging LED showed red, so I assume it was properly charging. After a day of that I can read ~4v on the batter leads.

So then I move to trying to re-set up the Buzzbox. Pressing setup button has no affect. A 10 second press on setup button has no impact. A long press on the Reset button (up to 10+ seconds) has no impact. So essentially apart from apparently charging, the unit seems totally dead.

Please advise on other steps to take to debug this.



Hey there, sorry for this issue, first I’ve heard of one like this. I’ll ask our engenieer Peter to jump in here, stand by…


I looked at your BuzzBoxes data, and it does seem to have stopped reporting around 10/30, last status with low battery readings. That is strange that the device is unresponsive after charging and pressing RESET.

Can you try removing the PCB from the enclosure, then plugging in a micro-USB cable from BuzzBox < > charger? This should power the board regardless of battery state. Power cycle the switch (On >> Off >> On). The LED should light up and go through it’s startup sequence.

Please let me know how this goes.


Hey @PDX_Hilltop_Bees – have you been able to try Peters suggestions above? How did it go?