Buzzboxminis return


Ive tried calling emailing and sending messages for over a week with no response I want to return the two minis I just got in mail a week ago for a refund


Hi @Christian_Schmidt – I’m really sorry we haven’t gotten back to you! I’ve flagged your issue with the team. I am aware some people are having registration issues, and we are working to resolve them in our software. If we can figure this out and get you set up this week would you consider to keeping them?


Heres some info from @Jabors who is updating software this week:

"The update brings 2 changes regarding setup:

  1. There will be no need to use the browser any longer, everything is done from the app except connecting to the BuzzBox WiFi which is done through iOS/Android settings, same as now

  2. The problem of downloading a “hello” file will be solved automatically."


Hi Tristan,

So excited about the new Buzzbox mini, can not wait to install it. You guys put a lot of work into it. Looks great. I modified my bee frame so I can install it from the top. The unit can be installed and removed without distributing the bees. It is winter here and I have come down with a cold. I am waiting for a sunny day when I am feeling well to install and set it up. I love the new design.

I know you guys are working solving the problems with the new unit. I am happy to wait. Let me know when you get sorted. Can not wait to start sending data again and continue the valuable research.

Cheers Scarr01



Thats an awesome update, not to mention table cloth you got there @Scarr01!

Thanks for the words and positive vibes :honeybee: :honeybee:

Also … what kind of hive is that angular frame from?? Looks intriguing!


Hi Tristan,
The shape of the frame is part of the anti theft system. It is a disincentive to steal the hive. The frames will not fit the Langstroth hive. As I see it, people steal because they do not want to work for it. They steal the energy of other people. The Langstroth hive lends its self to that. It is easy to steal, all you have to do is take the frames out of one box and place it in your branded box. Then burn the old box. In New Zealand, theft is so bad that they are fitting RFID chips to every frame to combat it. This adds expense to the operating cost. Now imagine that instead of just a few minutes to transfer frames from one hive to another it is going to take the thief 4 to 5 hours to carefully cut out each comb and attach it to a Langstroth frame, while the comb crumbles and bees going berserk and running everywhere. Then if you multiply that by 20 hives that is a lot of work. As well asweighing that up with the fact that it is cheaper, easier and faster to just get a Langstroth hive and dump a new swarm of bees into it. The other thing is that you can not buy the frames or other hive components from anywhere. So if they steal the hive, eventually they will need to buy frames then they are stuffed. Remember they steal because they do not want to work for it. Making complicated frames looks like work. The frames will not fit the conventional honey spinners. Then because the frames and hives are so unique that they are instantly recognisable. Makes it easier for reporting stolen hives and people locating them. The whole system has knobs on it to discourage a would be thief. Not mention the patent on the beehive. After all that the frames and hives can be fitted with RFID chips and tracking devices. Everything just to mess with their groove.

Cheers Scarr01.


Gotcha! Wow thats super interesting. Thank you for sharing!

Would be cool to see one of these hives from the outside, if you get a sec later. Maybe create a new thread about it? Sure others will be interested too!