Can't enter my Data Server URL in app Settings


When I enter my URL: “pla****.ve***.fr:80” and press ‘+’, nothing happens and nothing new in my server log…

And I can’t report a bug report also, when I click in the form, the keyboard appears and recovers the form :slight_smile:


Hi there, @Jabors has been notified and will get back to you asap.


Hi @Pierre!

The first thing to know is if the settings are being saved. Do you have to enter the settings every time?

If you don’t and they are saved, I would try to add the http:// prefix to the URL you’re entering


The settings seems saved. My URL is here, in the field, but nothing happens when I press the + button, and my server receives nothing…
But I don’t need to enter my URL every time, just no action… (and with or without http://)