Cloudy honey ? what to do to fix it



My name is carissa im pretty new to this my husband looks after the bees and honey I utilise the wax for candles etc.
we just extracted 30 litres of honey but on one batch it looks like some wax mixed in with the honey and was spinning for a bit to long and the honey s cloudy and has a slightly white sticky sediment on top ! Can we save this honey if it’s wax that’s been puréed into the honey if so how ? Any advice is greatly appreciated as we don’t want to waste 20ltrs of honey .



Hey Carissa,
It could be wax sediment as you say. Leave it in the bucket for a few weeks. The sediment will float to the top where you can scoop it off. The last traces of sediment can then be removed by spreading cling wrap over the top, making sure it touches all the honey, then pulling up from the middle and quickly drop it into another container. You might need to do that a few time to get all the sediment. You’ll be left with honey that’s as clear as it will be. If you are not in an AFB risk area you can put the sediment out for the bees to clean up leaving you with clean wax. It’s illegal to do in some places including here in Australia, so check with your agricultural department.
Good luck,


Hi Mike
Thank you so much it has started to settle on top thank god :pray: thank you again for replying I wouldn’t have thought of the cling wrap .