Creamed honey seed honey ? What’s the difference

I hope this is ok to post but I’m getting very confused with the difference between creamed honey and seed honey .
I followed one recipe which was 1part crystallised honey to equal part liquid honey and whipped in my mixing machine for an hour .
Then I read people using it as a seed in a jar of honey . What’s the difference and uses of both .
Any advice would be appreciated.

All honey crystalises eventually.
Honey with mostly glucose sets VERY fast with a fine crystal and sets very hard - white clover, dandelion, oilseed rape.
Honey with mostly fructose (eg bramble honey) sets MUCH more slowly and has a large crystal which is gritty on the tongue.
Naturally granulated honey is bottled directly from the settling tank and produces a hard set honey. Sometimes so hard it will break a spoon (in the case of oilseed rape).
The aim of softsetting is to have a jar of honey that cuts like a knife through soft butter, leaving the imprint of the spoon without the sides falling for at least an hour. You also want a lovely fine crystal that glides on the tongue. Ie small crystals.
With naturally fine crystalled honey you stir it thoroughly (without adding in any air, ie very slowly) to break up the crystals, allow it to settle for a couple of hours before bottling it.
However, honey containing most fructose sets slowly with only large crystals, so this is will need stirring as above to break up the crystals and ‘seeding’ to speed up the crystalisation process soft set honey. The seed honey usually a honey that is naturally fine-grained honey. You add up to 10% of your seed honey to your, say, blackberry honey, and stir if over days, for a few minutes a day, to throughly mix the honeys and break up the large fructose crystals. Stirring slowly to avoid adding in air. The fructose honey, seeded with the glucose honey, will now crystalise much faster than it normally would, and the stirring will have broken down the large crystals. The result will be a lovely softset honey.