Custom data analysis


Hey there!

I just received my first BuzzBox and I am excited to put it to use. I am particularly interested in visualizing and analyzing the data myself. I have a couple of questions:

  • Is there any documentation in terms of what is being sent to the server / custom data endpoint?
  • Are there any OS solutions already for accepting and storing the data sent to the endpoint I could run on my own server?
  • When I add a custom endpoint, will my recordings / data be also sent to the OSBeehives cloud or do I need to setup a forwarding mechanism?

Thanks for any hints!


Hi, @moritz_stefaner !

  • We are currently preparing the documentation and code for the server. We are running some tests to ensure everything is going smoothly and iron out every possible bugs, and expect to release it this coming weekend.

  • By default, the server accepts and stores the data in .csv files, but you can define your own functions to process it however you like. We have chosen Python since it’s the most popular language for data analysis.

  • The data will also be in our cloud since we send it from there.


Great, sounds good! Let me know when it’s out.


Any news on this? Thanks!


The BuzzBoard hardware and firmware source files, along with the Open Data Server source code, are available here:


Any news on this?
at lease provide us with api to process audio in your server