Different format



Hi Guys

Are the 3d models for the top bar not available in any other format than .3dm ?

None of the free cad software seem to be able to support this format.



Hey @BeesAfrica,

If you cant open the files as 3dm, you can convert them to DXF and many other file types using software. Check out this website: https://www.file-extensions.org/convert-3dm-to-dxf

Also, here are some free CAD softwares to open the files.


Thanks Triston appreciate it. I have the cad program to open dxf but wanted to open the 3d models so I can make slight changes to the design.

Will try and convert them and see what I get.



If you end up changing the designs, please paste the edited files here with a list of changes – if we like your changes we may revert to your new design! :honeybee: :open_file_folder:


Will do after cutting one and seeing the results.