Flow hive 2 work?


Hey all
I have a flow hive 2 - (cedar 6 frame: https://www.honeyflow.com/shop/flow-hive/flow-hive-2-cedar-6-frame/p/388)

Will the unit work with this hive?


Don’t waste your money, it doesn’t work as intended.


ah! thanks for letting me know - what went wrong for you?


@joe and @Jamie_Pryer

Thanks for joining the forum and sharing your experiences. Some of our last batch of inventory had some defects, and we’re sorry about that. We’re improving systems internally so that doesn’t happen again.

Also, regarding the software and our product features, we’re going to release an update that will improve the accuracy. In the meantime, if you would like to discuss anything, feel free to contact me directly: aaron@osbeehives.com

We appreciate your understanding as we work through some growing pains.

Thank you,