Honey smells sour tastes bad

Thank god for this app as we have had a couple of challenges lately being fairly new at all this .
We have had a few really great extractions but one we did sept 2019 has now began to smell awfully sour when we open the jars and tastes awful infact I couldn’t get the taste out of my mouth .
And a couple of jars seemed to have overfilled by itself .
I have heard of honey fermenting but people say it’s still edible but this batch isn’t .
I don’t want to waste it but I’m worried if we give it back to the bees it may cause foul brood or something.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :blush:

How much of it has gone bad?

Do you think there’s a chance of small hive beetle contamination? As the larva reproduces it bores through and defecates in the honey which will cause fermentation. I could see how if the “infestation” was in the earliest stages it could have affected only a small portion of the honey.

I think your honey just soured. It had a high water content. I would recommend making it a honey brandy, where acidity does not matter. I wouldn’t return it to the hive, the bees could get stomach problems.