How to edit the hive log (survey)


I entered a hive log (survey) for today. I didn’t see the queen, but that doesn’t meen it’s missing for sure. I think you should add a third option (“maybe” or “don’t know”). Now it’s marked as missing. Is there any way to edit the saved/previous hive logs? And can the hive logs and data be exported?


Good feedback here, thank you @Veripolis.

Currently you cannot edit hive logs, but this change has been added to the backlog! As for exporting data, I have asked the team and will get back :honeybee:


Hey @Veripolis – happy to report you can download all your hive data via the app!

  1. Open app
  2. Go to Menu -> Settings
  3. Scroll to where it says “Data Download” and tap
  4. Each of your hives will come up as a separate button
  5. Press the hive you want and a CVS file containing your data will be emailed to the linked email account!