How to use device IDs/API keys


I want to extract device data programatically without using Open Data Server.

In the App I see that there is a Data Download section and it contains API key.
I don’t want to double tap it to send me email with links to the data.

Is there a way I can programatically use this API key to request and extract the data?

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Go to Settings and enter a custom endpoint in the Data Server URL text field.

If you need a data server, you can get one from our open source page (or on Github):

There’s documentation for the Open Data Server here:

Hi @Aaron ,

Is Open Data Server the only option for extracting programatically the data?

You can stream your data to any url you choose, or you can export the data in the settings section. What other option do you want?


I have issue with receiving redirected data to my server with a public domain.

I entered the address and port and it was accepted by the app.
I have tested my sever with API client and it is up and running fine.

The problem is that the I don’t any device data sent to the server - I received 0 POST requests for the past 1+ hours.

Any idea how we can investigate what is wrong?


Please email with your account email and API url along with any other relevant details, and we’ll get you sorted.


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