Introduce Yourself!


Hello new forum members! Please introduce yourself below.


My name is Tristan (you can tag me by typing @Tristan any time - or anyone els’s username).

I’m co-founder of AKER, and I work on coordinating kit design and promoting the AKER project. I’m a filmmaker, so I also be work on our video stuff, including our upcoming crowdfunding campaign video! I’m a big lover of people and open collaboration in general, so really excited to start using the forum!


Hi Everyone,

My name is Aaron, and I’m the other Co-Founder of AKER. I handle a lot of technical coordination and look forward to the Spring when all of these wonderful kits are out in the world growing food for people. Tag me anytime @Aaron


Hi everyone, my name is Ryan. I’m currently based in Fremantle, Western Australia. I am a permaculture educator, designer and tinkerer with a keen interest in eco-enterprises and creating financial sustainability as well as doing the things we love doing. I have designed, built and tested a variety of appropriate technology in a previous business and I’m always exploring new ways to use materials at hand.

I have recently designed the Bio-Bed which I am keen to develop as an educational platform for schools. I am in the prototyping stage at the moment so look out for progress as the project matures and feel free to hit me up and say hello

I’m looking forward to collaborating with you all.



Hello people, I’m Shukry. I’ve just graduated from architecture school and currently already working for a year now as an assistant architect. I spent most of my time doing 3D visualisation and renderings in my office. So you can actually call me a 3d geek.

I’m mostly interested and willing to invest my time in this project mostly because I can actually work on something that I’ve been into for the past years, which is kits and modular construction and also woodworking. I used to construct a lot of gundam plastic kits (basically a toy kit that made action figures). Related to this project, I’ve actually reared chickens myself with my family. My father used to construct a 2.5 feet high coop for 3 chickens. It was a permanent coop, planted into the ground. So I kinda nail the basics for rearing chickens.

It’s really a pleasure working with you guys because you guys actually gave me a chance to experience in an open source-related project and opportunities like these aren’t easily come by.

Thanks again.



Hello everyone!
I’m Ricardo Santo. I’m a portuguese designer and I’ve been working for several years, mainly in the furniture industry , but also in other areas. I’ve recently moved to Barcelona, where I heard about the AKER project.
Having some experience with agriculture and breeding farm animals, I got naturally interested about the project and offered my contribution.
I’m mostly exited for the fact that we are directly targetting key issues regarding sustainability, environment and food production and consumption as ways of rethinking urban life.
The fact that it is open source makes it even more relevant.
I’m designing the wall plant beds.
I’m pleased to meet you all and I thank you for having me!



Hello AKERers,

I’m Gustavo Arriaga, a reformed neurbiologist/research scientist now getting my hands dirty in the wild world of digital fabrication as ED of Fab Lab El Paso. I’m interested in most things digital fab and especially OSH projects…I think we may be the first fully OSH Fab Lab in the world…as of this month we will have built every machine in the place and all of the furniture too using OS projects! I’ve been working with local sustainability types for (permies, beeks, etc…) over the last year and am really excited to help get the AKER kits off the ground and get things coming out of the ground. I’m helping design/prototype the worm hotel but am looking forward to working with everyone and helping with the other kits in any way I can.


Hello all!

I’m André Rocha,
I currently live in Casais da Espinheira/Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.
I work here at LEVO (a modular systems small firm) and EVOL (design office) both owned by me.
They are located at DAR, an open design/culture association, that is putting together a fablab among other things).
I’m currently lecturing at the Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon (ESE.lx) and other small design schools (EPI/ETIC and LSD).
As a PhD candidate at the UT Austin | Portugal CoLab I’m mostly focused on open agriculture strategies. I intend to formulate side Open Agriculture Strategies, tool collections and resources repository (such as garduino, gardenbot, AKER, Open Source Beehives, etc).
For all this reasons, I’m very excited to collaborate with you.


Hello. I’m a Materials Science student from El Paso TX. I also work at a local plant nursery. I learned about this group from the Fab Lab, here in El Paso.

I’m certified to do mycelium insulation through ecovative, and i got the cert from Sam Harrington at Yestermorrow, in VT. I’m interested in the mycelium foam and engineered wood products, because they are an environmentally-friendly alternative to Styrofoam and other engineered products. I wanted to introduce the mycoboard to you all, because it doesn’t require a router to be shaped.



Glad to meet you all!
My name is Joscha (you can tag me by @joscha).
I am a software developer based in Hamburg and pretty much excited about anything that connects the software world with the real world.
I am tinkering around in my free time with Raspberry Pis & various sensors and some 3D printing.
I successfully finished a :bee:keeping starter course last year and backed the opensource beehive project - that’s how I found out about aker.
My agricultural proficiency is quite limited, but I hope to help this project with my software engineering knowledge :wink:


Hi Folks,

Followed Tristan and Aaron over here from the Open Source beehives project. I live in North Boulder County, CO and have 5 top bar hives that I am instrumenting with the project.

Gardening is another of my hobbies and I grow a lot of veggies that are not available at the local farmers markets or through CSAs. Heirloom varieties are my favorite. I use organic and biodynamic methods. I keep from 2-4 chickens on average (Red Star) in my chicken coop.

Looking forward to the discussions in this new group.

Mark Carlson


Hello, I’m George from Fremantle, Australia. Professionally I’m an IT project manager with a heavy bent toward online video streaming and television. When I’m not doing that I have a large organic garden and a passion for permaculture.

Miraspear and I know each other and collaborate on all sorts of things. I’m building an enclosed nursery and intend to use raspberry PI to monitor and control the environment. I’m big on growing Australian native plants which need accurate conditions.

My home is progressing to being off-grid, and I have 5 chooks and a cat. We are all sustainability nerds.

What a wonderful range of people there are here!



Hey all,

My name is Cody. I’m currently a tech consultant based in Atlanta, Georgia. I’ve always embraced the idea of open source but did not find a project that captured my interest until I stumbled upon Aker. I primarily work with web development technologies but my passion is in open source and embedded systems.

Looking forward to help out in any way!



Hello Community,
I just supported the indigogo campaign and looking forward to CNC the designs and building them with my lady. Living in California, specifically Sacramento where the Farm to Fork is huge, I would love to provide my girlfriend and I with water conserving agriculture and help with the open source community. I am hoping to get the designs off Github and have a local shop provide the CNC, if the wood supplier cannot do CNC I will go to our Local HackerLab where they just got a new CNC. Thanks for all your hard work Aker on such gorgeous products.


Hey @kwick - awesome to have you here, and thanks for the support!

We’d love to see your kits once you make them - and if you think others would like them too, please feel free to share the files around. We’re trying to get as many people using them as possible to get feedback and grow the community.

Thanks again for the support and look forward to hearing more! :smile:


G’day to everyone.
My name is Tim and I am living with my partner Kaz in Bellingen within the Northern Rivers of NSW in Australia.
We are passionate about all things Sustainable and are currently investigating the potential of developing sustainable living via a plant based economy (instead of a oil/petrochemical based economy).
The plant of choice for this project will, of course, be Industrial Hemp which we already have growing here in Bellingen.
The concept being the whole community can get involved with and sustain itself via the growing, production, processing and sale of Hemp and Hemp products.
Our local community has also initiated a ‘Bellingen Bee Sanctuary’ project to bring awareness of the affects of chemical spraying on the local bee communities, so contributing to the Open Source Beehive project was a no-brainer.
And we have now contributed to the AKER project.
We think both projects have immense potential and I am currently talking with a local CNC shop to determine the viability of machining the whole suite of AKER/Beehive products locally and promoting them throughout Australia.


Hi All,
My name is Andy and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. I have been a conservationist and maker since I was a kid. I hope to be able to add to these projects and maybe give feedback on how they perform in our short summers and long, cold winters.
I also own a business making wood products using digital fabrication and traditional woodworking methods and am designing for the 4’x8’ CNC router and 24"x36" 90W CO2 laser I use. I’d like to be part of the project and also be a resource for people who need fabrication services since not everyone has the tools or space needed. Finegrain Studios uses only renewable resources, FSC products and timber from my family farm. I use only natural and non-toxic finishes on all my products.

I’m experienced in manufacturing but the business is new and the website isn’t yet ready. It should be launched in the next month or so.

Finegrain Studios, Ltd.


Hey @finegrainstudios,

Awesome to have you in the forum. Would you be interested in partnering with us in the future to fulfill AKER orders in the Eastern US? Keep us posted on your progress!


Thanks for the warm welcome. I would be happy to partner with you to fulfill orders! I’m looking through the design files and plan to cut a few in the next week to familiarize myself with the builds.


My name is Alena Parshina. I study Product and Spatial design in Finland. I got excited about AKER because I’ve recently completed my work on aquaponics project in Czech Republic. During this project I’ve got some experience in agriculture and learned a lot of things about construction of aquaponics. I am looking forward to implement my knowledge in your project.

As an environmental designer, I am also familiar with 3D modelling and I am interested in the fields of architecture, urban planning, landscape planning, real estate, business and design.

I am looking forward to implement my knowledge in your project.