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Hi Anthony, re: WiFI Enterprise, there is some activity around making this possible but unless you are willing to go into the Particle CLI stuff, it might be easier to add another router that handles the authentication to your network and masks the BuzzBoxes. When you do find a work-around, we’d love to hear how you accomplished it!


Regarding the SD card, you are correct, there is a spot for it with the proper connections back to the MCU, but no firmware has been written to support it yet. There are open source libraries out there which could be added to our firmware, if you’d like to look into the task. A good starting point is our open-source version of the BuzzBoard firmware. For accessing data, you can also look at our Open Data Server.


Hy all, my name is Sam. I am an integrated and biological crop protection advisor.
I also advise on pollination programs mainly in glasshouse high tech crops and using bumble bees.

Currently I am digging in the honey bee topic.

I believe a good monitor strategy (and possibly automatic processes in that) are key in any biological process.

That’s why I am here.


Hello, my name is Gerold and I am a hobby beekeeper from Germany but I am living now in Bucharest/Romania. I am fortunate to not only have my own few hives, but also to have a friend Professional beekeeper with some hundred hives whom I am supporting hands on every week.
My passion for honeybees and beekeeping makes me want to know as much as possible about (my) honeybees, reason why I am using already broodminders monitoring system (2 units) and why I am looking forward to know more about OSbeehives


Hi, I’m Lawrence and I live in the Australian Capital Territory. I’ve bought myself a Flow Hive primarily because it seems a funky hive and I live in a terrace which doesn’t leave me the room to store a lot of the equipment that’s required.

I’ve joined the ACT Beekeepers Association and have completed two courses on beekeeping with the association to date.

I’ve ordered a mini on 26/10/2018 and am looking forward to it’s delivery.


Hey! Great to have you in the forum. Let us know if you have any questions about BuzzBox :honeybee:


Hi my name is Lars, and I am interested in buying a buzz box. I’m planning to start with bees in the spring. If you could apply a weight scale to the system that would be nice.
Regards Lars Kjærsgaard


Good Day
My name is Anton and I am based just outside of the ACT in Australia. I got my first two hives in March 2018 and now have just over 30. Loving it and looking at ways of improving my management and monitoring my hives. Looking forward to using the BuzzBoxes to do this!


Great to have you aboard! :honeybee::honeybee:


I am a long time computer programmer and electronics hobbyist. My oldest son is a student in the electrical engineering program at Youngstown State University.

For fun we built our own hive monitoring system using an esp8266 that collects temperature, humidity, and weight of our hive and sends the information via MQTT to Thingsboard.

After building our prototype we discovered OSbeehives and appreciate the community spirit and we would like to join the work at the OSbeehive project. We are long term fans of Open Source efforts.

We look forward to getting to know all of you.


Hey there! Great to have you on board and to see you are already working on some things of your own! Do you have any images of your setup?

FYI, I’ve responded to your weight sensor question in the other thread :wink:


Hi People,

I’m Al Doolittle, a Futurist and a problem solver, I’ve just installed a V1 on a beehive located in Clinton, CT that I already has a small data monitoring system. I’m doing this for the short term so I can compare data. I’m using a v1 because i don’t have to completely open the hive. i’ll replace it with a mini this spring. Because of the low energy overhead, the new BuzzBoxes will be used in simplified configurations. I haven’t ruled out to using cellular if needed.

You can see the data from the other data collector here

Don’t get too concerned if there are differences between the two data collectors. Measurement locations are different and calibrations may be off. I am recording hive weight, inside temperature/humidity, outside temperature/humidity, solar radiation and rainfall with the other unit. (Note: Presently the solar and outside temperature are down. The inside temperature/ humidity sensor is fully propolized so ignore the humidity.)

There is a missing realtime video camera (Arlo) that is going back up soon. The camera is remotely viewed using an Amazon Echo Show. I’m waiting to replace it with a low cost outdoor camera when it becomes available (soon). The price should be below $50.

IR pictures using a FLIR camera are periodically take to help locate the bees in the hive.

At the risk of being called a helicopter beekeeper, I will add that there’s a 12v hive heater with a thermostat below the mesh of the open bottom. This is just a safety net to reduce stress in extremely cold weather. I haven’t decided what temperature set-point I’m going to use but I don’t want to upset the natural balance of the hive so whatever it is, it will certainly be below freezing.




My name is Honor I’m doing a masters in Industrial design at KABK in the Hague and looking at how the far reaches of the maker movement and open source can remedy biodiversity loss. Any thoughts on the subject please message me. This strange February heat wave has got me keen to start planting seeds and eager to build a hive.


Hi, I’m timboplymouth. I live in Plymouth UK and am retired. I got into keeping Bees just over 2 years ago and I stumbled across OSBH a year or so ago and really liked the sound of things. I currently have 2 hives and working on a third, all are top bar hives and 2 are cathedral style TB hives. I have Milifera ligustica in one hive and melifera melifera in the second hive with a new AMM Queen coming in the summer for the 3rd hive when I start a nuc. I have been busy building a BuzzBoard but have had a couple of problems for which I have asked for help. Hopefully will be up and running soon.


Hello, my name is Bruno, and i have several related interests as all of you.
i want to learn and to to test some of the ideas i will have for reading the forum.


Hi my name is Gareth I live Devon uk I run 14x12 , Apimaye Dadant I have three types of Queen buckfast, AMM, and Carpathian all in my back garden


Hi, I’m Markus and I live in Switzerland. I have a company in the area of ​​control and automation. Bees have been with me since my childhood, as my father is a beekeeper with over 30 beehives. I’m currently testing my first BuzzBox.


Hi all,

My name is David and I currently live in Philadelphia. I’m an artist + technologist. I currently teach digital fabrication oriented classes at a private K-12 school. I also co-founded the first FabLab in Bhutan in collaboration with MIT & SolidWorks. I’m also engaged in the Fab City initiative (

I’m currently developing curriculum for the K-12 environment and looking at this platform specifically for an IoT class I’m working on incorporating Particle devices and data logging on Raspberry Pi’s.



My name is Cathy and I have three Hives at my Mamaroneck High School in NY State. We were lucky enough to get a grant and are excited to be waiting for our BeeBox so we can learn more about our bees!
I am very, very untechnological so will be counting on my students to be able to do this.


My Name is Nathan and I have three hives in the mountains of western North Carolina. I currently have three BuzzBox Minis installed in each hive. I have been tracking data for the last few months and look forward to improvements to the app and software.