Introduce Yourself!


@Bob @Fredrik welcome and great to have you both in the forum!

Understood on the freezing issue Bob! Just do what you can, and if there happens to be a lovely day between now and the end of the test, feel free to crack open the hive and take a look.

Fredrik, I was just in Stavanger! Love Norway. Sounds like you could have some really interesting feedback on the BuzzBox when we send it over. Feel free to share any thoughts.

If either of you guys have questions regarding beta testing, feel free to post here.


Hi everybody,

How are you? My name is Marcos from Argentina. I am Software Engineer based in Rotterdam. I found this project a looks awesome. I can work either on the backend or frontend (Python, React, React Native), also I did some basic stuff with electronics (really basic). I would like to help you, learn more about Bees, Software and Hardware!!


Hi everyone!
I am Modestos from Greece, lecturer in interaction design at the University of the Aegean.

Just found this project and backed.
Currently working on a local bee related project for developing IoT beehives.

Love OSS and honeybees! See you around.


Hi I just got my buzzbox, I’m super excited to install tomorrow during an inspection. I have set it up but I may need a repeater wifi router to reach the apiary though.


Hello everyone. My name is Ray. I live in the Oregon hills. I’m an organic gardener, beekeeper, orchardist, forager of the woods, protector of nature.
Hoping to meet people with the same interests.


Hey @marcosschroh, @modestos, @Guyr, @Raydavis72,

Great to have you all in the forum! We would really :heart: to see your BuzzBox setup! If you’ve recieved and installed yours, please post a quick snap or two in this thread, thanks!


Hi everyone,

My name is Oli and I am a product designer located in Quebec City. Me and my team are working since a year on urban beekeeping trying to improve the practice and create new products related to its context and usages. We are in collaboration with University Laval’s bee scientist and Alvéole’s urban beekeeper ( while being introduced to this activities about 2 year ago. We are interested in how users interact with different beekeeping products according to the context in order to provide solutions to the issues highlighted.

Right now, we are currently developing urban beekeeping products which will be base on opensource philosophy. With the help of this community, we want to test and to improve our product and also contribute to OpenSource Beehives community.

In a month, we will unveil our project and make it accessible to the community.



Welcome @Oli_Lebrun!

Your website looks intriguing. We look forward to your reveal.


Hello all (Gregg Lind) in cedar Rapids Iowa… Just got my Buzzbox last week in the mail. I have 4 hives and will have Buzzbox on one of the hives. I have been developing my own systems for monitoring current I have a Humidity and temp sensor and hive weight systems on my hives. I wanted to do sound monitoring also - as I was excited to read about E.F woods apidictor and the benefits of sound monitoring of bee hives. E.F woods sound of bees. I am a citizen scientist fan and hope to contribute back to the greater good of beekeeping and help. I not sure any of my monitoring has made me a better beekeeper as I continue to suffer maintaining 50% of my hives over the winter… This year only 1 colony of 3 survived. This year I plan to have 4 hives… I hope that buzzbox helps me understand the pre swarm and swarm detection as this will help me capture a swarm…Good article on sound monitoring


I am Steve Walton and I live in Amarillo, Texas US. I am a novice having two hive for a year and a half.

Today, we will remove one queen and introduce a new one in 2 days. Wish me luck!


Hi there,

I am Gerald from Austria and I backed your project on Kickstarter. Looking forward to hold it in my hands soon :slight_smile:
I am the CBO (Chief Bee Officer) :wink: and founder of SteirerBiene (look at It is not a company, it’s more a movement. Sorry, but it’s all in german, but maybe you can enjoy the pics.

So, I am really excited about Buzz box.
All the best,


Good luck @Asher! Have you ordered a BuzzBox?


Im Mikko from Finland and currently a beekeeper of 1 hive as 2 have now passed away during winter. We will be adding hives though so to get some comparing measurements coming. I am a gardener and a horticulturist and I am keeping bees on my field mainly for pollination and fascination. I am waiting for the GSM version to come out as I would like to see how I could get the readings from afar.


Hope everyone has a great buzz on!!!

I keep bees in beautiful Oakland CA in my backyard. I current have 2 hives. One of my hives has a ‘flow super’ which I love because it makes extracting honey so easy.

I’m a psychotherapist calling my self a happiness Trainer. I help people live happier more fulfilling lives by exercising their strengths and connecting with love. The bees teach me more everyday about how to bee cooperative- work in a team and strand up for what is yours. Sometimes I joke with a married couple in conflict that I will teach them beekeeping as a way to save their relationships… I know it’s no joke- bees are amazing and they are so important to our health and happiness.

I have not yet purchased a buzz box but am hoping I can get a taste of this sweet innovation by testing my hive using only my iphone… does that work? Please advise if u know if i can use the app and my phone only wo a buzz box to test the sound of my hives.

Thank You for being sweet!
Ur honey in oakland ca


Thanks for introducing yourself! Yes, you can absolutely test the app with just your hardware. You can download the app here:


Hello! My name is Lisa Marie Patzer and, along with my partners Drew and Prima the cat, we manage two beehives. We live on a small plot of land in Media, PA with 3 chickens. I’m a digital artist and am interested in bridging my love of new media arts and beekeeping. A year ago I started building my own apimonitor and in the process discovered buzzbox. I’m excited to be a part of this community and look forward to learning and sharing with all of you! My handle is @PrimasBees


Hey @PrimasBees! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Hello, My name is Philip Wyss, This is my second attempt at raising bees. I live in northern Indiana. I am building a warre hive, since you add boxes to the hive from the bottom up, this will keep the sensor at the top of the hive at all times. Is this ok? I have a langstrohm hive also, but if I use this, the sensor will stay in the bottom box since you add boxes to the top of the hive. I don’t care witch one I use, just wasn’t sure if the different locations of the sensors would make a difference. Any answers or suggestions would be appreciated!


Hey Philip,

There are a few things to consider:

  1. Where will the queen be? Ideally she will be at least able to enter the super with your BuzzBox, or contained within it using an excluder.

  2. Where do you winterize your bees? Ideally you would keep them in the BuzzBox super.

  3. Where are the brood, hive enterance etc? You want the BuzzBox mounted somewhere the most diverse range of in hive activities will play out. We usually recommend the super where the bees enter the hive.

See more in



Hello, My name is Adam Popejoy. Beekeeper in Southern Lancaster Country, in PA. This is my second year with Bees, still very green. I have put in a lot of research into helping these little amazing creatures and I am very impressed with Buzz Box. This could be a HUGE game changer for our bees and keepers!! This year I am trying the Polystyrene hives, so I am watching the other thread about this as well.

I have not yet received my Buzz Box, its coming this week : ) Super Excited!!

Nice to meet everyone!!