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My name is Andrej Berger, I am an architect from Slovenia who studied in Austria and in 2014 just discovered a CNC milling router in my vicinity (FAB lab), took a class on how to operate it and a little after that made my first design.
It is a (beer) case made entirely out of wood that does not need any glue, nails or anything similar to stick together and you can take it apart for storage and it takes only about 20% of the space. I am just about to make my own woodworking shop and start a business doing things out of wood myself with handheld power tools and a CNC Laser cutter and engraver.

After that I saw an AKER Call for designers a month ago, applying was a no – brainer. I hope we are going to make some great designs together and I am going to be able to share my designs with people all over the world.


Hi Guys,

Oliver from Cambridge, UK here! I’m pretty new to CNC routing, but have access to both knowledge & the right machinery! Currently cutting the WormHaus v9 (after playing around with the layers a lot!)

Loving the work AKER are doing and would love to be involved more!



I’m from Crest, south France
I was interest in Lombricompost woodmade and a FabLab (the 8FabLab) just open in my (little) city
Wormhaus Aker plans makes me become noobmaker :smile:
I was realy happy to contribute to crowfunding
I use a ShopBot CNC and i’m making a lot of tests because l’m not professional, but it’s quite fun

now… we are testing 2 wormhaus, and I’m interest to share because it’s a new world in my Kitchen but sometimes I dont know what to do !
And I looking for feedback in longtime use in plywood for Wormhaus



My name is Sébastien Lucas, I am the founder of Bricks a web app that want to make it more easy share elements of projects with the community, especially under creative commons licences.

I am architect and web developer. I get inspired by how Github has changed the way developers works. As designers, architects, urbanists and more generally creative professionals, collaborative workflows are taking more and more importance as Aker community demonstrate.

I have noticed Aker project thanks to #poc21 initiative in Paris, and as I meet some of #poc21 members yesterday, I decided to try Bricks with the opensource content of Aker.

The result is visible here in the CC bricks research page!/bricks?p=1&cc=1&page=1&count=20
Here in a specific project page!/project/566aef02584123b4502f40c5?p=1
and finally here
is the main brick that is tagged as CC with the exact licence you have specified in the github
and come with all the necessary documentations to be reused.!/bricks?p=1&cc=1&page=1&count=20&brick=566af2e2584123b4502f4114

I noticed you use github which is a good point.
We will try to create a direct link between Bricks and Github soon thanks to there api.
In order to get updated file info.

I’ve create the aker user on Bricks.
Feel free to ask me if you want to use this account to put more content or to test.

Hope you appreciate this communication about your awesome works.

And if you have some time to test Bricks and upload your projects, I would love to get your feedbacks and ideas to improve the app.

If you are in Paris, let’s meet to talk about that :slight_smile:

Sébastien Platform

Hi I am a molecular biologist in Canada who is interested from the angle of enabling urban farming.

I supported the Indiegogo project and am planning to set up the bee hive that I received this spring.

I am connecting with a local beekeeper’s group to help get me pointed in the right direction.

I am looking to get some of the other projects cut so that I can assemble them and get them going.

First up is the Worm Haus.

This is a great effort and I really appreciate the work that you have put into it.



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My name is Rob, I’m from Perth, Western Australia. I run a company along with a few friends called OCKHM.

OCKHM is a small digital fabrication company. We started Ockhm about a year ago to tackle the trend of inefficient, over priced and poorly designed housing in WA. We are currently involved with other CC enterprises such as Opendesk and Wikihouse, with OCKHM being the home of the WA Wikihouse chapter (wikihouseoz.)

I come from a background in automation and industrial design, while my colleagues are architects and ecologists.

We have made a couple of AKER kits (i think they were GrowWall kits) as demonstration pieces in a installation we had a while back. They worked well and we look forward to play around with the other kits in the future.

Oh and feel free to give us a shout if you need something cut in West OZ.

Best Regards



Hi every one, I am new here. I find this community from google when I searching the knowledge about water jet.
My name is HE, so… my friends just call me “HE”, well not too bad right?
any way, I am happy join you guys and I think I will have a good time!


Hey everyone,

I’m Andrew - originally from South Africa and currently working to architect a semi-nomadic planetary existence. My academic background is in social/cultural anthropology, with research interests in urban ecology, medicinal plants and ethnomycology. I left a medicinal plant conservation project in Cape Town to travel in South America and engage more deeply with plants and fungi. I’ve also been working on developing a small medicinal mushroom business which I intend to become the financial feeder for a mycological healing arts centre (

Fungi are my primary fascination at this point in my life and I’m working towards greater engagement in mycoremediation and other bleeding edge fungal applications (materials science, filtration, reforestation etc.). My other interests include open source, poi, shakuhachi, bicycle touring, decentralization and science fiction. Geeking hard is what I do :wink:

I’ve been following Open Source Beehives and AKER from the beginning and have come onboard to assist with the brainstorming of a mycelium kit. I look forward to working beside some of you and intend to fully embrace this exciting opportunity.

Please feel free to reach out!



Thanks John, your work looks really interesting. I look forward to having a chat after the new year. If you have more information about your plans, please amend your post, so we can learn more about the project.


hello world! my name is karsten.

i´m a fan of osbh since i first learned about the barcelona warré years ago - because of my carpentry background i was very interseted in cnc milling and produciondesign and was curious how it would be to produce beehives by that, finally i was happy enough to receive the first piece of rhino files but production was ever out of my budget.

i´m keeping bees now for several years, primarly with self produced 12frames dadant magazines and i am founding member of the berlin based hiveeyes collective.

we gathered some enthusiastics around mainly in germony and our aim is to develop an open source and open hardware based beehive monitoring platform and data collection telemetry to learn about and observe our bees. we are collaborating right now wit uwe greggers from fu berlin who is some real pioneer in bee monitroring using audio and high frequency sensors and got good contact with the bremen based project called hiverize. we are running an open and a developers mailinglist to communicate and are beta testing a similar forum based on discourse to launch in 2017. if anyone is interested in what we are doing pse. get in touch :slight_smile:


Hi Karstenharazim,

Welcome to the forum. Your work looks great, and we’d like to have a chat in the near future. We’ll follow up with you soon.

Happy New Year,


My name is Uwe,

I’m a member of FU-Biologie/Neurobiologie since 1976 working mainly on Honeybees.

My Website

Specials: electric field and sound of the waggle dance.

Happy new Year!


Welcome UWE,

We’ll have some big updates soon, and then we’d like to hear your feedback at that point.

Thanks for joining the forum,


Hi my name is Evan and I have my b.s. in horticulture. I been in the process of starting a farm for almost 2 years now. My goal is to change the way this country eats one city at a time. I’m all about doing things right from the start instead of trying to break a bad habit. Just so I could grow plants I started buying animals for their manure to help improve the soil quality and work the land as much as possible. Basically I just wanted to be part of helping future generations to come. During my research of things I wanted to add to my farming is how I found Open Source. I been going crazy about getting a bee hive to catch feral bees. My thing is I don’t want to be part of the problem, but I want to be part of the solution.


Hello Evan,

It’s great to have more likeminded people join the forum. Welcome, and let us know if you have something in mind that you’d like to co-develop with our design team for urban farming.



Hey Aaron,

Thanks so much for inviting me to the form. I would love to co-develop something. I’m absolutely in love with the Colorado Top Bar Hive. I really just want to go longer and maybe modify the top bars. I was wondering if need to go with thicker wood to support the new size and maybe help insulate better in the winter.



We’re going to make a parametric model of the Colorado Top Bar, so that you can adjust the sheet thickness & corresponding joint dimensions to whatever values you prefer. We’ll make that clear on social media, when its finished.



Awesome! I can’t wait. Do you think there is enough room under the top to add cathedral top bars? I was hoping by doing that would help strengthen the honeycombs. I’m not looking to go big on them, but just enough to add strength and still work under the original top. And maybe spacers too.