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That’s an interesting idea. I think the pitch as it stands would prevent that, but if the roof angle was changed, then it would definitely accommodate that.


I was thinking of only going 3-4 inches higher than the original bars. I think it would be just enough to give extra strength. Plus being all one piece would help that too. As far as the length of the hive I was thinking 60-72 inches. I think this would help build a stronger colony, and I think this will allow enough space to keep them from swarming. My thoughts for that is to keep more honey in the hive for winter. I rather bees to be bees and eat naturally instead of having to feed sugar water. I’ve read the sugar water is part of why they have started losing their resistance, but out of everything I’ve read everyone agrees that no matter how many beekeepers you ask a question there is always more answers.


Hey Elf,

Why not open up another thread in the design category here, and send me some sketches with some notes. I’ll see about making a model we can adjust in every which way.



Hi my name is Jonathan Kocurek and I am a Open Hardware developer and Community Manager for OSE. I do remote and local developments for Open Hardware Movement. Looking to build, replicate, and collaborate with several projects. Looking for some technical documentation and also some technical support on a few of the products I am interested in.


Hi Jonathan,

We’re working on documentation, and it will be live in 2 weeks. Thanks for checking in.



Hi Aaron,

Thanks for the update! I’m in progress with a Barcelona Warre and also looking into the Worm bin as well.



Dear @Tristan, @Aaron and the whole OSBH community,

as well as @karstenharazim, i’m a member of the Berlin-based Hiveeyes Project. We have made it reasonably far designing, implementing and operating a flexible beehive monitoring infrastructure platform and toolkit completely based on open source software and affordable hardware components.

We would like to share our efforts with the OSBH community, so we posted a short summary about the system at

Enjoy reading and feel welcome to get back to us anytime, we are looking forward.

With kind regards,


Hey guys!

Hiveeyes is making awesome progress! Congratulations!

We are developing a sensor board that is in beta testing – it has extra ports that could be hacked with some of your developments. There is an ‘Analog Input’ and ‘I2C’ breakout available on-board, as well as an extra pin on the sensor cable. Your community could use these to expand the functionality of the hardware with more sensors/outputs, which we can connect to the BuzzBox monitoring app.


You Colorado guys are a smart bunch of people !!! I’m impressed with your work to say the least , in no way can I contribute to all of your high tech stuff you guys have going on . But I really do appreciate the little bit of knowledge I’ve learned already , I’m from Florida and I’ve been a guardian of the bees for over four years now , ever since learning of the serious bee decline while watching Morgan Spurlock the inside man for CNN and I immediately went online and bought all the beehive stuff and starting taking care of my bees ! Since that Time I’ve invested into 7 more flow Hives . I’ve just begun this project only 4 months ago and just last month bought full frames of comb with brood and bees with brand new Queens for each box , they’ve been in the hives now only a month today and are thriving . I’m really interested in your beehive monitoring device ? Does it really let you know if there are too many varroa mites ? And too many nettles and be able to detect American foul brood ? If so how do I buy them ? That would be the coolest tool for bee guardian to ever have … My hat is off to you all involved !!! High tech honey !!!


Hi BeeMotels,

You’ve caught us during the busy season, because we just launched on Kickstarter:

The only thing preventing us from detecting Varroa or foul brood is the audio data samples from those conditions. If you have some hives that have these problems, we’d love for you to grab some audio samples for us. The more data we have, the more precise our system becomes. If you have interest in working with us, please contact me at



Hello, I am Teresa, from Mexico, I am very happy to collaborate with you in this incredible effort, I am impressed about you, Aker people, and all the people in this forum, you are making a real difference in this world. I studied Engineering in Food Industry, currently working for a company that implement Biological Systems in Agriculture, I have 3 children and my passion is sustainability and healthy food and health care. My conclusion is if you want to consume healthy, fair, sustainable and fresh food you shoud produce it at home or with local producers but also there is a huge disconnection with nature. I am working in a project to promote growing food at home and locally, this is how I found Aker kits. And I am looking forward to try all the kits and to share experiences.


hello David! did you try Aker kits in mycoboard? Sounds interesting, I will like to know about it. I am looking for materials to substitute styrofoam but also that can keep low temperatures.


Hello community!

I am Didier, from Bordeaux, France. I am member here of a non-profit beekeeping organization, BizBiz & Co, that educates citizens to biodiversity and acts to preserve bees. One year ago I decided to animate a workshop about TBH beehive making with pallets, to help our French local black bees to survive, with a minimum cost.
Then, I discovered what AKER and OSBeehives did for nature preservation, and I felt in love with the BuzzBox project. So I contributed to their KickStarter campaign and I hope now I will catch documented sounds with some Buzzboxes into hives disseminated around my town. A local FabLab will help me to build the boxes. I also contributed to KickStarter Maslow CNC project, to build some hives.


Hey, Ken here. I’ve been keeping bees for a few years now and have experienced many of the basic problems while also having some good experience catching a swarm, extracting a swarm from a wall and growing hives, splits, etc. Glad to have stumbled across this very intriguing project!

I’m interested to know more about the audio analysis and would like to get setup to work with that. However my apiary is in a remote area (think very low pesticides and such) so wifi or GSM is not really an option. Can it record to an SD card and be switched out during normal hive checks? Sure that would give a delay in what reports back but still build the audio database and give some feedback to me should there be a concern I could return soon to take action if there is an urgency.

Also I see a mention of Field Data Logger, but not much more info. Is it possible to buy/build one and have it sit in the middle of 5 hives and collect data on each individual hive for this project? Seems like it would be more economical to have a single solar panel and hardware gaining information on multiple hives that are next to each other.

Thanks, looking forward to working with everyone here,


Hello forum members,

I am Björn Lefevre, I dispatch the police in Belgium West-Flanders.
I have signed up for the beta test of the buzzbox app even though I’ll only get my first bees coming week.
It’s still freezing where I live so opening the hive to check the actual state of the hive will be a big NONO.

I’m also looking forward to receive the buzzbox through Kickstarter!

Greetings from Belgium!

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Hi, I’m Fredrik from western Norway and currently have 11 colonies. I backed the Buzzbox and signed up for the beta of the app, and I am eagerly awaiting spring, and for my bees to spring into action (-10 at the moment).
I’m an electronics engineer and spend my days doing integrated chip design so the Buzzbox hardware is right up my alley :smiley:. One of these days I’ll also mill out my copy of the OSbeehives hive-designs.

I think the OSbeehives is a great project and can’t wait to participate :honeybee:


@Bob @Fredrik welcome and great to have you both in the forum!

Understood on the freezing issue Bob! Just do what you can, and if there happens to be a lovely day between now and the end of the test, feel free to crack open the hive and take a look.

Fredrik, I was just in Stavanger! Love Norway. Sounds like you could have some really interesting feedback on the BuzzBox when we send it over. Feel free to share any thoughts.

If either of you guys have questions regarding beta testing, feel free to post here.


Hi everybody,

How are you? My name is Marcos from Argentina. I am Software Engineer based in Rotterdam. I found this project a looks awesome. I can work either on the backend or frontend (Python, React, React Native), also I did some basic stuff with electronics (really basic). I would like to help you, learn more about Bees, Software and Hardware!!


Hi everyone!
I am Modestos from Greece, lecturer in interaction design at the University of the Aegean.

Just found this project and backed.
Currently working on a local bee related project for developing IoT beehives.

Love OSS and honeybees! See you around.