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Hi everyone, Phil Chandler from Devon, UK checking in. You may know me as the Barefoot Beekeeper, if you happen to have come across my books.
My main interest is in breeding the “black” honeybee, Apis mellifera mellifera and I have this year set up an isolated mating apiary, which will enable me to control mating.
Tristan came to see me recently, and he recorded some audio and video, which will go into more detail.


Great to have you in the forum @BarefootBeekeeper! I encourage beekeepers interested in natural / balanced beekeeping methods to check out Phil’s work on :honeybee:


Hi ! Larry from New York here. Just trying the phone app out for now. How do you change or add notes in a previous inspection?


Hello fellow beekeepers and those interested in honeybees. I’m Rachel from the metro Atlanta area. This is my 4th year beekeeping. Last year I mowed down my grass to replace it all with local wildflower seeds and they took off well! Made many pollinators, lots of new insects, birds & wildlife happily appear in my yard. I don’t use chemicals, garden organically & try to be good to the planet. I am pretty technically challenged so won’t be of much use for issues concerning the BuzzBox. I’ll most likely be asking for assistance.


Hello everybody, my name is Hartmut Vierle, I am from Germany and the Co-Founder of 12 years experience as a technician in bee research at Würzburg University. We were early adopters and bought 5 OSBeehive Loggers via Kickstarter and I am trying to get them running. Cheers, Hardy


Good day good people of osbeehive and community.

I must firstly applaud you for what you are doing and the way you are doing it.

Hope you do not mind my intro being a bit long :slight_smile:

Recently our family of 5 decided to get rid of excess sugar in our home and lives and decided to do so by replacing it with honey.
Although a good enough plan we then came to face the reality of finding affordable good honey. The shops sold all kinds of funny overly priced honey. The idea formed.
Being from South Africa it seems a bit odd that we had to pay for sub standard honey when we have the space and bees to make our own.

So the next step was to find hives etc and once again you get hit by the price of it all. Unfortunately the average income in South Africa does not allow for everybody to buy a hive.

Being the type of person that normally thinks, " Nah I can do it cheaper at home" I started looking at building our own hives.

Well after some searching and reading I came upon you guys and your open source hives :slight_smile:

Jippee something that could actually help :slight_smile: Now here is the next challenge in the way. Finding a affordable and reliable business with a CNC router. This again became a stumbling block and the current hold up.

So I decided if it is that a big a struggle for me then surely for others too. So here is Plan B, pun intended :slight_smile:
I want to start a campaign to raise enough money to buy a CNC router and produce quality hives that is affordable to a bigger crowd.

It is a two step plan, Fist save the bees by helping and educating the people and then let the bees save the people.

I was hoping to get your permission to use some of the hive images on your site for my campaign, like a local kickstarter. I would also like to mention you guys in my presentation as the plans came from you.

Would also one day if there is a bit of extra money generated get one of your Buzz boxes to hook up to the network. Exchange rate just makes it really expensive right now.

Well that is all from me for now but hopefully not the last.

Bee Wishes
South Africa



That sounds like a great project. Email me so we can introduce ourselves:


Hello, from Hershey, PA. School trying to setup a couple Buzzboxes for some data projects.


I am looking for this option as well. I noticed after taking the board off there are solder locations for a SD card slot. Anyone know if this is possible?


Hey @Anthony_O_Neal! This is awesome, what age kids are you teaching? BuzzBox will be a great tool for investigating with your students!

As for your question, are tou looking for ways to export the data?


Tristan, thanks for the quick reply. Yes, we are looking for alternative ways to export the data. Several of our hives have access to to WiFi however, our system uses WPA2 Enterprise authentication and connecting the Buzzbox to that system I believe is close to impossible. We are looking at different kinds of Wifi connections possibilities however, each of those solutions has to be tested, reviewed, and approved and we are heading into year 2 with this process and the Buzzboxes have just been sitting in my classroom. In the meantime is there a way to connect the device to a SD reader? As a instructor who teaches computer science and promotes investigation - of course I already took the board out of the case to investigate this possibility and noticed that there is a location on the bottom of the board designated for a SD card reader. Is there a possibility that I can add one? Additionally, is there code in existence which would write to that card or would I need to write that as well.
Thanks for the help.


Also we use PEAP authentication on our Wifi.


Hi Anthony, re: WiFI Enterprise, there is some activity around making this possible but unless you are willing to go into the Particle CLI stuff, it might be easier to add another router that handles the authentication to your network and masks the BuzzBoxes. When you do find a work-around, we’d love to hear how you accomplished it!


Regarding the SD card, you are correct, there is a spot for it with the proper connections back to the MCU, but no firmware has been written to support it yet. There are open source libraries out there which could be added to our firmware, if you’d like to look into the task. A good starting point is our open-source version of the BuzzBoard firmware. For accessing data, you can also look at our Open Data Server.


Hy all, my name is Sam. I am an integrated and biological crop protection advisor.
I also advise on pollination programs mainly in glasshouse high tech crops and using bumble bees.

Currently I am digging in the honey bee topic.

I believe a good monitor strategy (and possibly automatic processes in that) are key in any biological process.

That’s why I am here.


Hello, my name is Gerold and I am a hobby beekeeper from Germany but I am living now in Bucharest/Romania. I am fortunate to not only have my own few hives, but also to have a friend Professional beekeeper with some hundred hives whom I am supporting hands on every week.
My passion for honeybees and beekeeping makes me want to know as much as possible about (my) honeybees, reason why I am using already broodminders monitoring system (2 units) and why I am looking forward to know more about OSbeehives


Hi, I’m Lawrence and I live in the Australian Capital Territory. I’ve bought myself a Flow Hive primarily because it seems a funky hive and I live in a terrace which doesn’t leave me the room to store a lot of the equipment that’s required.

I’ve joined the ACT Beekeepers Association and have completed two courses on beekeeping with the association to date.

I’ve ordered a mini on 26/10/2018 and am looking forward to it’s delivery.


Hey! Great to have you in the forum. Let us know if you have any questions about BuzzBox :honeybee:


Hi my name is Lars, and I am interested in buying a buzz box. I’m planning to start with bees in the spring. If you could apply a weight scale to the system that would be nice.
Regards Lars Kjærsgaard


Good Day
My name is Anton and I am based just outside of the ACT in Australia. I got my first two hives in March 2018 and now have just over 30. Loving it and looking at ways of improving my management and monitoring my hives. Looking forward to using the BuzzBoxes to do this!