Is Buzzbox Mini an open source?


Is BuzzBox Mini an open source of only the old (obsoleted?) BuzzBox?
I yes, where is the github?
Btw, I received mine, but still unable to make it work (not visible on WiFi - no IP address)
The manual doesn’t reflect the real thing.


Hi @janek – have you gone through the process outlined in our documentation?

If so, please let us know what step you are having the issue with.


OsBeehive.pdf (154.6 KB)


Wow! Thats very thorough, thank you @janek!

Currently, there is a problem downloading the “hello” file – our software guru is working on adjusting this. Today he said this about changes hes working on coming out later this week:

  1. There will be no need to use the browser any longer, everything is done from the app except connecting to the BuzzBox WiFi which is done through iOS/Android settings, same as now

  2. The problem of downloading a “hello” file will be solved automatically.


Thanks, I will wait for a few weeks for the resolution. It’s winter in Sydney, I will install the device when a warmer weather comes.
Is the battery charged from USB as well or only from solar? If i connect my RPi power supply to the USB socket of Buzzboard Mini, will it charge the battery?
As for the other question about Buzzbox Mini, can you answer? Is Buzzbox Mini an open source? If yes, where the files can be downloaded from?


Hey Janek, I’ll ask on of the team about the battery charging question.

As for open source, BuzzBox Mini hardware is not open source, but we do have a version called the BuzzBoard that is. You can find the files on the “open source” link on our website menu.


My experience too. REALLY disappointed. And my old one has a wire disconnected and they still have not responded to say where the wire should be connected.