Langstroth installation


The newest version of the mini is thinner than the original. Since there are no instructions for this model im assuming the new model can be installed on top of the frames, in the bag, microphone down. This true?


That’s correct @Daneg007


I got the app up, picture, hive name etc., but with no directions how do I connect this device to my wifi network?



The only thing I get is a page that has 14 bytes and my only options are to open in OneDrive, copy or email, etc. It doesn’t actually open a page I can do anything with. This is also the new BuzzBox Mini.


@rgcurtis please click this link:

This will guide you through the process of setting up your BuzzBox. We are having some registration issues with our software at the moment, but if you bare with us we are aiming to fix this process by the end of this week.