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Hi all
What does the number in the little circle next to the hive mean? Looks like some kind of messages - if so, where can I find them?

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That is an average of your hive’s health score over the past week. The heath estimation software will be updated automatically over time to become more accurate, so as we grow our user base and data set, it will become more useful for you.


So what is the score? 0 to 100? Is it per centum? How is calculated?


It’s a percentage (0-99) and is an average of your hive health’s score over the past week. Every 20 minutes, the BuzzBox samples the hive audio and makes an estimation of the health of the colony. Those estimations are averaged over each period (Hour, Day, Week, Month) depending on the time scale you’re viewing.

Ok, thanks. I assume 0 is bad 99 is good.
Doesn’t seem to work. I get the same score no matter of the periode i chose…

Your feedback is helpful, and your perspectives make sense. If you see it that way, many others will also. We’ll keep refining it. If you have any other ideas or questions, feel free to contact me any time.

An average of the health score over the past year would be useful, but its too long of a period to factor in when trying to assess the health of the colony right now. Likewise, we don’t want to score the hive at the hourly level, because that’s too short of a period of time to really indicate the colony’s health. The week average seems to be a more accurate approximation, so I would say it makes sense not to update the health score with changes in time period from hour to day to week or month. Thoughts?

i recon for helth score get rid of day and week and just stick with mouth and year since thows would give the most acuret score or you could keep weekly score as a minim score wile mouth and year would be most reccomended or you you could just year and stick withj the moutn thow i would say all options are viabel the week could be seen as a quick status of the hive wile moth and year could serve as full accuret acount of hive helth