Missing definitions


I miss definitions of the various options in the hive log (survey). How do you define a collapsed bee colony? What is your definition of light and heavy syrup? Etc. Each button could have a small question mark for pop-up definitions. I think it is important to agree upon definitions (“use the same language”), especially for data quality.



We define “collapsed” as a non-active colony. Currently, the classifier (the software) does not differentiate between a colony that has absconded the hive, or collapsed due to an issue such as a heavy varroa infestation. This would be down to your observations to determine, and your feedback in the hive logs will help our software start to parse this information based on sensor readings down the line.

Here is a resource to help you determine what went wrong with a “collapsed” hive. We appreciate any insights you can provide using hive logs.


Ok, the app seems to alternate between Healthy and Collapsed. They are alive and in the hive, so I will give it “not collapsed” as feedback then, thanks.


Thanks! That would be great.