Missing Hives from App


My hives have not been showing up in the app for the last few days…including the company’s control hive. Anybody else have this problem? Can someone help me troubleshoot?


Hi Somerville Beeman, have you tried logging out and logging back in. That has worked sometimes in the past for me. It also maybe in response to all the Buzzbox Minies about to come online soon. The guys maybe upgrading the system to accommodate the new units. I think they are working there butts off. It has been an audacious venture to begin with. If you think of each component of the Buzzbox, from designing the unit, developing the App, running a kickstarter campaign, mass manufacturing, testing the units, delivering the Buzzboxes around the world, collecting data and analysis of the data. It is really ingenious combined with hard work, dedication and passion. I do not think I could pull it off. I have been working my own patent for a new beehive design and I have at it for four years and I have just purchased a CNC Laser Cutter to manufacture frames. The amount of testing, trialling, reworking and documenting. Not to forget the money and time you put into the project. They will address the issues with missing hives in the app soon. They are going to have lots of people with Buzzbox Minies wanting to connect up. They will get onto it. Hang tight, it will happen. Cheers Scarr01.


Thanks for the suggested fix @Scarr01!

Did that resolve things for you @somerville_beeman? If not, please send us an email on support@osbeehives.com – thanks!


Thank you for the suggestion and I apologize for not responding earlier. After re-logging in, I was able to see the hives again in the app.

Good luck with your new hive design! Sounds intriguing.


All set. Re-logging in did the trick. Thx.