NC file from fusion 360


Good day

I need some assistance, I finally found somebody that can cut a top hive hive for me from 18mm plywood.

However they cant cut direct from a dxf file but need a NC file.

Anybody that can maybe help me with one, or how do I convert the dxf to NC.




The NC files are machine-specific, so you’ll need to have your machine shop program the cutting process using the DXF. They’ll have the software you need for this (example). If they have a CNC router, they do this kind of work routinely, and then you export the NC file from that software while using the “machine profile” for their router.



Thanks Aaron that makes sense.

Just a struggle to get it done, one would think people are lookingbto do business :slight_smile:


Is there any other 3d model available except the 3dm files?


I want to make a change or two before having the hive cut, but need a 3d model I can open with Freecad or LibreCAD if somevody can assist?


I know this is late, I just found this site. I own a CNC shop and use fusion 360. I am in Salt Lake CIty. I can help you get a 3d model if you are still looking for one, or I can even cut one for you.