New Buzzbox installation issues with App


In trying to install 2 minis, I hit a couple strange new hive installation issues with the iOS application and I would like to see if it’s just my iPhone or the problem is real.
First, I’m on iOS 12.3.1 with new minis. I get through the WiFi installation and then hit a wall with the hive detail page.
First weirdness - the hive picture. I opened the ‘take picture’ section; the app asked for permission to open camera; then I get a camera image but no button to take a picture - it’s picture only up to all four walks. None of the alternate shutter controls (volume button) work either. [Shut down application and restart give me back control of application]
Second weirdness: At the part where one enters the key, the app won’t move focus to that field. No matter where I tap in the input box and surrounding area, I won’t get the cursor or keyboard. If that weren’t frustrating enough, the app won’t let you go forward without the key entry. You can’t go back either. If you close the application and restart, it immediately jumps back to the hive entry page. [Delete application and reinstall from App Store gives me back control.]
Weirdness three: The first mini I installed actually let me through without entering the key. It appears to function normally but is not recognized by the system - as one would expect with no key.
One last issue - it appears a corrupt file is being handed off to the browser. I hadn’t been labeling the two so I don’t know which is doing this but in all of these installation attempts, the mini is handing off a file the browser cannot identify and asks what to do with it. Each time this has happened, the file type has been different. The iPhone mini and buzzbox are too close to each other to suggest transmission errors; it’s possible it could be a physical phone issue but I haven’t had issues using other apps.
So if any of this is familiar, let me know. To be honest, I’m not pointing a finger at any of these elements. To suggest the app, others would be having the same problem and it seems not. The things that are breaking in the app aren’t closely bound to hardware which could clear the hardware but not the iOS. The file hand off to the browser is a pretty clear indicator of a corrupt file, but where is it being corrupted. ¯(º_o)/¯


I also had weirdness 3, using an Android phone. The file that the browser was trying to open was titled 'hello" and just had the contents ‘Soft AP Setup’

I found an earlier post for the older buzz boxes that helped - BuzzBox embedded webpage not working.

Follow the solve comment, when the photon site asks which type of photon to choose select ‘P series’
You’ll get a html page to download and then open in you browser.
Follow the instructions, and it seems to work - at least the colour blinking seems to match up with being connected to the internet - I haven;t actually put the mini in the hive yet.

As an aside, for weridness 2 I didn’t have to enter the API key but I was getting blocked as until I added my country to the address field, so it ended up being "city, country’


Are there specific directions for installation of the minis? Everything I see is for the older model and nothing came in the box. I did try to go through the process of adding a new hive, I was also able to get through the step of taking a picture and it didn’t require me to enter a key. The sensor is charged and transmitting but it won’t link up to the app. I am using iOS.



@Sinnat, not that I can see, but the process for connecting the app seems to be the same as the older model.
The step I missed and had me stumped for a bit was disconnecting my phone from my normaly wifi and then connecting to the buzzbox wifi, there should be a SID with a name like “BUZZBOX-XYX” where XYZ some random letters.
Connect to that wifi and you should be able to do the rest.


Hello @Sinnat @Stuart_Frew @adoolittle,

Sorry you’re having trouble with the app! We are aware of these setup issues and @Jabors is working to resolve them over the next week – we will keep you posted, and you can also email us on if the issues continue beyond next week.

Thanks for baring with us!