Newbie using App with a variety of questions

Although the App has the correct “Hive Address” in the Edit Hive category, when i download and view the Sensor_Measurement.csv file i find the latitude, longitude, time and weather are all incorrect. The time is also incorrect in the Audio_Event.csv. How do i fix this? Thanks

Is there a way to force the device to update the info sent to the app without getting into the hive to knock the unit? I tried pulling down on the hive name in the app but the data doesn’t update for me. Does the BuzzBox upload to the internet only on a fixed time schedule? If so, what is the interval? Thanks

We’ve not seen the Buzzbox mini code, but the old Buzzbox code makes provision for regular check-ins to the network which get longer if the battery power is low.

By observation, however, I find the Buzzbox Mini checks-in every 30 minutes but I would expect that to lengthen if the battery is depleted.

I’m guessing the hive address (under the hive profile) drives the time-zone, location, and weather. I suspect they use an address-to-location API on the server side to ensure the measurements and audioevents have the correct context.

Thanks @realcodfish. Correct i did discover it is every 30 minutes unless it is disturbed. Appreciate the feedback.

Okay thanks @realcodfish. Randy

@realcodfish @Randy

You have it right. We use your address to query a local weather station via an API. The August 2020 app update makes it much easier to select your location and adjust your hive profile.