No data - Cannot get any recordings


Hi, i just went through the step by step and everything worked as noted by the guide. I went to do the part where I can test a recording by tapping the box against the table.

I tap it, and a blue LED comes on which i understand it as recording.

When the light turns off, i wait another minute and nothing on the app comes on.

When I do this test, I can see the red LED on indicating it is charging and I can see the cyan light breathing.

I am unsure what is wrong. I have gone through the WIFI setup twice now and it seems all correct.

Specially this step:

“Tap Your BuzzBox Lightly On Your Desk
The device will take a reading over the course of 15 seconds. When its finished, swipe down in the app to view the latest reading. You’ll notice the time stamp updates.”

I get no updates at all on the app. Its asking me to tap buzzbox to force an update still.

I am also having a hard time finding this device on my wifi network. What is the device name? I figure if something is wrong with transmitting, i could see it on my network and diagnose connectivity as well.


Somehow your device was ‘quarantined’ by our server, I have released it and it should receive a firmware update (30 sec or so), then start transmitting data regularly. I apologize for the confusion!

The device name should be ‘BuzzBox-XXXX’.


Thank you so much! I was able to record a test and have it show up on the app!


Good day!
I have the same problem…!
Pls check my device…
Thanks for support…!


Fixed…! :wink:


I am having the same issue, I lost my 2 hives over winter and just installed a nuc into Hive#1 24 hours ago. All the data appears to be up updating correctly except for the hive health and recordings.


Hi Peter,

I received the BeeBoxes today and they set up without any problem whatsoever. However I think they may be in quarantine because I can’t get the music test to work.

Could you please check my hives #3 & 4 to see if they are in quarantine?



Resolved via email support


Anything that can be done to get a self-built BuzzBoard send the audio recordings to the server and have them in the android app?