Non-functional Mini

I’ve got two mini’s. One has never worked, and just blinks green. I can’t reset it, and I can’t get it to be recognized.

The other mini worked but I’ve got a langstroth and it only reads when its NOT in the hive. Once placed in the hive, it stops connecting. I’ve got a metal lined telescoping cover. Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

I’m having trouble getting assistance with fixing them. At this point I’ve got 2 two hundred dollar bricks. Not particularly helpful for monitoring a hive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My mini’s setup Worked like a charm however, it seems not to update. The results are all the same for the past ten days and are not refreshed. I would expect a realtime refreshing rate For at least once a day. Wouldn’t it?

Keep you’re hopes high. This is a fantastic project So keep up supporting. I love to see hoe many topbarhives are functional now