Old buzzbox how to reconnect?


I have 2 old versions of the buzzbox. One is still operating, the other I deleted from the app as the hive died after winter.
Now I gave the hive with one buzzbox a second brood chamber with the 2nd buzzbox attached to it.
Is there a way to link both buzzboxes to the same hive?

Also can I get the buzzbox working again without having to open it up?

That would be fun experiment to see if you get the same result - i.e feedback on health status…


You can provision both devices with the same hive.

If you have the device ID for the other BuzzBox, you can go through the “Add a Standard Hive” process and enter the ID in the API key field. If that BuzzBox is still reporting, it will show up.

Make sure you paste the right ID in the API key field. It can be tricky, but we’re revamping that entire process and will significantly improve it in a new release.


I’m afraid I do not have the device ID.
Is there any way to retrieve it?

Hi Bob, I think you’ll find the device ID on the other side of the photovoltaic panel.


You can grab the device ID from your app settings as well, so long as you still have the old hive profile. Otherwise, you’ll need to connect the unit to your laptop using a USB cable. Here’s documentation for that: https://docs.particle.io/reference/developer-tools/cli/#particle-identify

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