OSBeehives App Features Request


Dear Community,

We want to hear from you, so we can make the BuzzBox a better platform for your beekeeping needs. Chime in below and tell us what features you’d like us to add to the OSBeehives App, and we’ll do our best to make updates ASAP. A major update is due in the month of April, so stay tuned.

Thank you,
OSBeehives Team

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A way to notify a BuzzBox, through the app, of state changes and have it re-sample everything.

Example: I installed bee’s and would rather not have to open the BuzzBox to hit the reset switch.


Allow the temp conversion on the app from C to F or vise-versa


Thanks, @LouM - that is coming in the next release - development is underway.


It would be nice with a bit more glove-friendly-interface in the “recordings” page.

My suggestions

  • Increase the size of the “tap to record”-button
  • increase the size of the “this information is accurate tot he best of my knowledge”-box. This is the most tricky thing to hit when wearing gloves

Alternatively set default and let me do most of the work after finishing in the hives

  • Auto focus on the “hive nickname”-field so I easily can mark which hive I recorded, and then save this for later
  • Allow me to only select a nickname after a recording, and then set the species, type and notch the “this information is accurate tot he best of my knowledge”-button after I’ve finished in the hives (when my gloves are off)
  • All my hives are Langstroth, so it would be nice if I could set a default and then rather change it should I record something else.
  • All my hive are of the same species, so it would be nice if I could set a default and then rather change it should I record something else.


We’re rolling out a new app update in the next two weeks that will address most if not all of these issues, and it should provide some pleasant surprises :slight_smile:

We appreciate your feedback and will strive to consistently make improvements.


Also, it would be nice if the samples could be associated with active BuzzBoxes by default.


I don’t understand what you mean here. Will you clarify?


When I sample, the app asks for a nickname, it would be nice if the nickname was already pre-populated with the hive name or there was a way to select our currently active boxes from a list. That way instead of continually applying the same settings, it would just inherit the hive settings from one of my buzzboxes. And for the cases where I am sampling a non-buzzbox hive, the current form still works. Does that help?


That’s clear, thanks for that. Our upcoming app update does address this, so stay tuned. Good ideas here.


I second what @Simplyand said. It would be nice to have a hive profile you can select when doing recordings so you don’t have to repeatedly enter the same information each time.

If this is coming in the next update (along with hive inspection journals), I can’t wait; thanks for all the great work @Aaron (and team)!

One idea I have for future development (which I currently do in a spreadsheet or whatnot) would be for a specific mite tracking tool in the hive journals. This would allow the entry mite counts (using whatever mite inspection method the beekeeper desires) and seeing the counts on a time series graph as the year progresses. This would give a solid idea of how the mite population is changing over time and when a treatment should be applied. Anyways thats my two cents.


Thanks for joining the conversation, @bmapes. Graphing mite levels is something we have not thought of yet, but I am putting that into the backlog! That’s a very good idea.


Aaron, when is this release coming?


We’re aiming to submit to the App/Play stores tomorrow (Friday), so the update will get pushed out once they approve (usually within 24 hours).


One powerfull idea I have for future development would be IFTTT integration. IFTTT is great for sharing beevents with the community. But its also a good tool for notifications. I can imagine many useful recipts. It will connect the Buzzbox to the internet of bees. (Particle.io, maker of Buzzbox controller, has a great IFTTT service.)


I agree I use IFTTT in other IOT applications…Mainly my garage door open or closed.


Hi Aaron, a feature that would be nice would be on the daily settings of temperature, humidity etc, to be able to swipe left or right on the graphs and see the daily events earlier. What happen 2 hours or 2 days early. This would make a great diagnostic tool. I am modifying the thermal behaviour of the hive and being able to see the events from previous days on the daily graph would be useful. Cheers scarr01.


I meant to say the hourly graph. Cheers scarr01


@Adam The new app update is being submitted to the App and Play Store on Tuesday, now. We’re onboarding some resources that will accelerate development, so thank you for your patience during this adjustment period.