OSBeehives App Features Request


Hi Aaron, solved the issue, I signed out and signed back in. Cheers Scarr01.


I moved one of my ‘non buzzbox hives’ into a collapsed buzzbox hive.
It would be nice to have the option to add hives together through the app aswell. Now I had to rename the hive with buzzbox and delete the one without.
This would also be helpfull if you get a queenless hive that you merge with an existing one.
Merging would hopefully also mean you don’t lose data.



I want to make sure I understand what you’re suggesting. You have a hive with a BuzzBox, but the bees died. You want to move a different living colony, one that you had created a hive card for in the app, into the hive with the BuzzBox on it. Is that correct? You want to have some indication that a merge was made, so you could look at two previous timelines of data?

Please explain in detail.

Thank you


You nailed it on the head !

That’s exactly what I’m looking for.
A timeline with dates where I made notes and in the case of a merge the two timelines that combine into one on the date I merged them.



We’ll talk it through as a team. Thank you for the feedback.

Please double-tap the hive health status for the collapsed hive and indicate when the collapse occurred (roughly), so we have that data!



I’ve dated it 1st of july. But I think they absconded the hive the 28th.
Any bee noises after that must’ve been robbing! Untill the 15th.
Also there was wax moth in it for sure!



You can use the slider feature to select a loose approximation of the date. If you think it happened on the 28th, but you selected the 1st, we won’t capture and organize the data correctly. Will you do us a solid and make another feedback post?



But but but, The slider doesn’t let me go further back than july 1st!! :wink:
And if I go back now, it won’t go further back than the 2nd!
Why do you make this limitation and then ask me to try and break the rules?? Why!!! WHY???
(I would’ve put it on the 28th of June if I could, but I couldn’t so I let you know here…)



Heavens me…



Just started with my BuzzBox and the app. I have a few suggestions that would have made my life a little easier.

  1. When picking the WiFi network, display if the SSID is 2.4 or 5 Ghz. My router uses the same SSID for both 2.4 and 5 and I’d like to be able to choose one vs. the other.
  2. When displaying the WiFi data on the app, also display the SSID, 2.4 vs. 5 Ghz, IP Address, MAC Address of the BuzzBox. This also will help troubleshoot connection problems.
  3. When the BuzzBox is NOT inside a hive, but sitting on my kitchen table, it shouldn’t show the hive as “Healthy”.

Not really software requests, but hardware requests are:

  1. Option for a longer cable for the Solar Panel. I have a Warre with three boxes and the solar panel doesn’t reach the top.
  2. Option for a larger or external antenna. I have mine mounted on a Slatted Rack inside the hive, and it can’t connect. OR, at least provide the antenna connector size so an alt antenna can be purchased from another vendor.
  3. An external LED indicator. It would be nice to be able to see status of the device without having to remove the cover.



Thanks for your feedback. We’ve added this to our backlog, and we have plans to address most of them.

Kind regards,


I am setting up my regular hive information in the app. I am unable to add images from my phone album. It looks as though I am only allowed to take a picture. Please allow images to be added from albums on phones. This is especially important for new sign ups if they want to add their backlog Bee journals.



Would be nice to be able to customize the hive. There are many hive types outside there (in Europe even more than in the US): e.g. with only one broodbox, with different numbers of frames in the broodbox - some with 10, others with 12, etc) etc. Look maybe for Dadant - very popular in Europe.


Hi, as a new Buzzbox user a couple of features I would like to see (some mentioned above) would be:

  • Photo of hive on main app ‘my hives’ page to make it visually easier and faster to recognise (rather than all hive pictures looking the same)
  • Ability to use the recording feature and attach the results to the hive log (so non-Buzzbox hives can have audio recordings attached to support log entry and be able to use for future diagnoses)
  • having a cached copy of your hives in the app to eliminate the delay in bringing up all the hive data (as the app shows no hives for a few seconds before displaying them all)
  • ability to graph interior and exterior temps in the same y axis
  • graphs to remember your last selection rather than reverting always to hive activity
  • ability to add queen bee nicknames names - rather than the Trinomen name (my be just that hobby bee keepers like me know I have a Italian or Carniolan queens)

Really enjoying my new tool though - so looking forward to future updates :slightly_smiling_face:


We’ve made a note of these items and will process them through our backlog. Cheers.


Good Day!
Thanks for BuzzBox and APP! :slight_smile:
Let’s make a Translation of APP to Russian Language…!!
I’ll assist with translation…! :wink:


I would love to see a web version of the software. So you can log in and see better analysis of data over a longer or short term. Add hive inspection information, photos or videos after the fact. As well as being able to listen to past audio samples that have been automatically taken. Maybe similar to the arnia Web interface? It would also be nice to add a weight scale to the system at some point. You could also add a frame checker that if you take a photo of a frame could analysis the image and suggest bee numbers, locate Queen, spot pollen, honey, larver, drones and give you % between then on a frame or over a whole hive…with all this added data together the ai could advise on… More supers needed, harvest, health, mite problems… Etc one more thing notifications on the mobile app would be good.


where my hives are located doesnt have cell reception. is there a way to use the app anyways. i have a suggestion on recordings. when you use it through your hives page it should keep the files there with a time stamp so its cataloged and i dont have to go back to the recordings.


I would like the app to open up showing my hives instead of having to swipe down… Instead of showing add a hive…t just open the app and our hives are registered if none are registered then I can see add a hive option.

Also is there some method to compare data from hives that are collocated… I think one of my Buzz boxes is broken as the temp and humidity are wrong and I also believe other things are wrong buzzbox as it states collapsed and the colony is healthy. One has 100% battery the other is at 39% one reads temp of 23c the other reads a temp of 2c, the hive that says it is collapsed is the one with readings that are not correct for local temp and humidity. If you know that hives are in the same bee yard could you send some status or send a error message to us some how stating this?


Hi Aaron,
One elements that I have found while working with my apiculture students and working with hive recording apps are the limitations and hinderances of using them with a full suit on and a significant amount of hives to go through. It’s a barrier to consistently use them.
Many of my students are younger and want to use apps in their beekeeping work as they normally use apps in their day to day life. The biggest cry that they are wanting is voice recording to automatically input the data of what they are finding in the hive. All without having to take out the app and manually input it. While I understand that voice control is a big jump to add onto the app, I do believe it is where the technology is going considering many other apps utilising it and how well Siri and Alexa’s AI works so well now. Is there a way to start rolling out and testing voice control for the inputs you already have in the app?