OSBeehives App Features Request


Another feature request it would be nice if the app would open the mp3 file directly, via a browser or audio app. I have to mail the link to the amazon cloud server. Multiple times I mail it an have to listen on a browser as I hear nothing in the app during play back. It would be nice also just to have a simple link to the 10 sec audio you could share with others if you find something interesting in the audio. Maybe even post to a shared location


I would like to compare inside temperatue with outside, and same for humidity by selecting both.
good work!



I agree that would be a great feature to add. We’ll add it to our backlog.



It would be good to be able to log into a web version and see your hive details linked between both web and app. This means you can add more notes once your a your desktop/laptop or listen to recordings without your phone. This could also mean you could share this data with other beekeepers in the area or friends.


A really useful security feature would be a movement sensor that triggers an alarm (via email or other means) if the hive is subjected to shock or movement when the beekeeper is not present.



It’s good to see you here in the forum. That feature is already embodied in the hardware, and we’ll be releasing a software update soon that will permit this. Look for this update soon, and we’ll reach out to you for testing before public release.

Thanks for the feedback,


Is there any way one could export a journal entry? I started beekeeping this spring and have brought in 2 students from the local AG program within the high school to help them get their required hours. It would be very helpful if they could export the reports to provide them to their teachers.


I heard this feature is coming soon :slight_smile:



That feature is coming soon. Great idea :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris, btw


Hi Aaron, the app is still in limbo and the report a bug will not submit a fault report from the app. Cheers scarr01.



If closing the app and reopening does not work, then go to the app store and look for an upgrade to ensure you’re current. If that doesn’t work, restart your phone and ultimately reinstall the app. If that still does not work, please open a support ticket: support@osbeehives.com



Hi Aaron, solved the issue, I signed out and signed back in. Cheers Scarr01.


I moved one of my ‘non buzzbox hives’ into a collapsed buzzbox hive.
It would be nice to have the option to add hives together through the app aswell. Now I had to rename the hive with buzzbox and delete the one without.
This would also be helpfull if you get a queenless hive that you merge with an existing one.
Merging would hopefully also mean you don’t lose data.



I want to make sure I understand what you’re suggesting. You have a hive with a BuzzBox, but the bees died. You want to move a different living colony, one that you had created a hive card for in the app, into the hive with the BuzzBox on it. Is that correct? You want to have some indication that a merge was made, so you could look at two previous timelines of data?

Please explain in detail.

Thank you


You nailed it on the head !

That’s exactly what I’m looking for.
A timeline with dates where I made notes and in the case of a merge the two timelines that combine into one on the date I merged them.



We’ll talk it through as a team. Thank you for the feedback.

Please double-tap the hive health status for the collapsed hive and indicate when the collapse occurred (roughly), so we have that data!



I’ve dated it 1st of july. But I think they absconded the hive the 28th.
Any bee noises after that must’ve been robbing! Untill the 15th.
Also there was wax moth in it for sure!



You can use the slider feature to select a loose approximation of the date. If you think it happened on the 28th, but you selected the 1st, we won’t capture and organize the data correctly. Will you do us a solid and make another feedback post?



But but but, The slider doesn’t let me go further back than july 1st!! :wink:
And if I go back now, it won’t go further back than the 2nd!
Why do you make this limitation and then ask me to try and break the rules?? Why!!! WHY???
(I would’ve put it on the 28th of June if I could, but I couldn’t so I let you know here…)



Heavens me…