Requeening and feature request




I have recently split and requeened an overwintered hive in Minnesota. Using a queen introduction cage, I have observed the hive oscillating between missing queen and healthy. As the days go by, the hive is trending more towards healthy than queenless, indicating acceptance of the new queen. The timing of the oscillating coincides with the time of day and the population makeup of the hive at a given time. For example, the hive will read healthy during the day yet in the evening, when the older bees comprising the field force come home, they do not recognize the queen and the hive shows missing queen for most of the night until they leave again in the morning. Fascinating.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to track and graph the missing queen vs healthy signals over time? This would be helpful for judging when it is ok to approach the hive again to release the queen from the introduction cage.