Share Your BuzzBox Setup Photos!


Our team would love to see your BuzzBox setup! :honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee:

Please take a couple photos of your hive, the connected BuzzBox, and tell us a little about your bees and the BuzzBox setup! We read every post, and it gives our team those awesome good vibes :heart:.

(We’d like to share your images on our social media–please let us know if you’d prefer to keep yours private!)

Introduce Yourself!

This is the BuzzBox setup of our friend Richard in London, taken during the BuzzBox video shoot in March 2018. Richard is the head of the London Beekeepers Association, and has 3 x Commercial Beehives (a popular hive style in the UK) in the back of his garden in London.

It’s quite a long garden, but the WiFi signal reached us without any issues!

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BuzzBox install was very smooth. A 7/8" drill bit and 4X 1" wood screws did the trick. Keep in mind my hive is 1-1/4" thick. Installed my buzzbox upside down so the antenna would not interfere with the lid.

Installed two packages of bee’s in my yard and added those pics for fun.


Welcome @dingbatca great photos!


Wow @dingbatca, what hive style is that you’re using with the BuzzBox? It looks super solid!

ps. Our team are working on responses to your other requests! :wink:


They are traditional Langstroth hives built from red cedar scraps. The lumber happened to be 1-1/4" thick. I got some cool style points and more insulation for the Portland OR USA winters. I affectionately refer to them as my apocalypse hives, as they will survive just about anything.

New pics below with my own temperature monitoring setup installed, and a BuzzBox.


Hi Everyone,

Here’s my backyard hive.

  • Langstroth
  • Carniolan honey bees
  • Plastic foundation with beeswax coating
  • BuzzBox mounted on the back of the bottom hive body

(Note: i’ve rotated the hive body, so that the BuzzBox is on the back)


Hey everyone!

This is my first attempt at Beekeeping and I went all in with a BuzzBox. I have a Langstroth with beeswax foundations. The monitor is on the backside of my bottom brood box. Feel free to follow me on Instagram too @simplyand


Here is my BuzzBox setup in my backyard bee yard…


Here’s my set-up so far:

Might want to look into extending the solar panel cord so it actually sees some sun:


Mind you there are no bees in the buzzbox hive yet. Only in the other one + a nuc I made that had smaller frames.


Here’s the final setup for Richard’s hive in London:


@Sean_Lea’s setup





New photo by Matthew Tjosaas

New photo by Matthew Tjosaas


My name is Matt and these are 2 of my Saskatraz colonies in southern Minnesota.

I have one buzzbox installed on the right hand side hive. I have found a strong, reliable connection with the TP Link WiFi Extender and antenna extension at 300 feet from the house.

Really liking the new app updates, ordering a second buzzbox.





Excellent images! Thanks @BrezhnevK!

Anyone else out there like to share?


I would love to. But I’m still waiting for my two bb mini. :cry:


Buzzbox attachment to a Biomimetic Beehive.


Tristan, I am wondering about my buzzbox mini delivery. I received the email about delay in delivery but no further updates.