*SOLVED: BuzzBox Mini Wifi Connectivity Issue*


We are aware of reported wifi connectivity issues with BuzzBox Mini. This is due to a software issue. Our team is fixing the issue this week.

We will post updates in this thread. Please ask any related questions here! We apologies for any inconvenience.

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Hello Tristan,
Could we have an update on the issue? I am really disappointed by the BuzzBox Mini and really thinking of returning it if the issue is not solved by the end of the week. In my opinion, your company have failed the customers: pre-order and you will receive the item in May? They were delivered late June. Easy to install? So many bugs that the box are impossible to setup. We are now almost mid July (!) for an item that I was exited to use over the summer. I feel like your company should have warned us that this was a prototype and not a finish ready-to-go product.
Thank you and best wishes,


I’m very disapointed as well. I has hope to use this in May, as the season starts in may in Norway, and when we finally recieved it, it does not work. We have now moved the hives to the mountain and the season is soon over here. This means that the Buzzbox will be put on the shelf for next year, not very happy now. I will think of returning the box as well…


@ClaireR @Lundebee

The OSBeehives App software is being updated tonight, and should be active on your app tomorrow. Please let the App update at this time and BuzzBox Mini should connect without further issue.

Please post below if you continue experiencing issues after the App has updated, and we will investigate further!

Apologies again to anyone experiencing these issues :honeybee:

BuzzBox Mini Install- trouble connecting App to my WIFI

@Tristan @ClaireR @Lundebee

We have finished the update and created a video demonstrating the new setup, which has been significantly streamlined:

The update should be live on Google Play for Android in just a few hours, and tomorrow on the App Store for iOS since we have to go through Apple’s review process.


Hi Tristan and Jabors,

Thank you very much for the update! It worked with my android phone (i.e., I was able to connect it to the WiFi) but I now have a problem with taking the photo of the hive. The camera screen opens, with a central button to take a photo, but as much as I touch it, no photo is being added to the hive description. And because all fields have to be filled in order to finish registering an hive, I cannot finish installing the box. I will try with another android phone this afternoon in case the problem comes from my phone.

Thanks again!
Best wishes,



That’s great to hear. You actually don’t need to take a photo to register your hive, so go ahead and skip that step. You can edit the hive details later and add a photo that way.



Hi Aaron,
Kind of figured that there would be a few issues, I have waited until things got resolved before installing. Also I have downloaded the last update to the app.
Now that everything is sorted I shall proceed with a fast trouble-free buzzbox mini installation. :grin:
Also being winter here and the bee colony has contracted in size. Because the hive is self-cleaning there were a lot of dead bees in front of the hive. This is preferable to having to clean out a pile of dead bees from the hive in the spring. In the next few days, we will install the buzz is mini and start recording the bee colony.
Cheers Scarr01


So close! Hive address isn’t recognizing my or any other addresss…


Hi Brian,

Could you try deleting and reinstalling the app and let me known if youre still having the issue?


I deleted it and it still can’t find me…


Hey Brian,

Apologies, we had an issue with our geolocation / address service. The issue has been fixed now and you should be able to enter the address.

Please let us know


I am pleased to say we are starting to get somewhere. I was able to connect my mini to my WiFi network and finish the setup process Sadly, I have come to yet another stumbling block. I have made several attempts to log a journal entry with only one success. I will not be placing this device in a hive without verifying that it is in fact recording audio! Am I missing something?

Below (actually visible) is the process I am using:
My Hives
Main Status & Media
Hive Health Status (Healthy)
Tap to record: Countdown, Recording, Processing, Done. Check results below (I see nothing below)
Note (Test101)
Submit (this is where it gets stuck.)

I’ve given up on expecting this device to work out of the box. I’m still frustrated but I really want to use this tool. Is this a software issue again?


The software update let me connect my buzzbox to my internet. Horray! It seemed to be taking readings inside my house, just fine. Although I wasn’t really sure if the audio was working or not. I took it out to my hive and it said the wifi signal was still good, so I went ahead and put it in. However, only 1 reading has been taken in the last 24 hours since the box has been installed. It claims my colony has collapsed, which is funny because it’s my strongest colony- 6 boxes tall- and I can see clearly that it is doing just fine. The solar panel has been sitting in the sun all day…so I’m not sure if something is wrong on my end, or yours? Help…


That software update did not fix the log entry problem and yes I deleted the app and re installed it. :cry: