Timing the buzzbox


How often does the buzzbox turn itself on and for how long? Does it restart the schedule when tapped? Can this be used to synchronize its activity with a timer/clock? Does the buzzbox have an internal clock? Can you make the activity/on schedule adjustable from the app?


The BuzzBox wakes and sends data every 30 - 120 minutes, depending on the battery charge level. Tapping the BuzzBox does reset that timer. Currently you cannot set your own schedule from the app.


If you add this ability, I can time the battery that powers the internet connection and the buzzbox together, and save energy on that battery when it’s not needed, instead of having it turned on always.

Does the buzzbox unit have any storage available? Will it store a certain amount of sets of values during offline times, and upload it when it goes online again?


That’s an interesting proposition. We will add it to the list of features we will eventually roll into the product. For the time being, it wakes asynchronously.

The BuzzBox does have space for a microSD card (unpopulated on PCB) for the hackers out there, but we don’t have software support for it for the time being.