What does buzz box do?


What does buzz box actually do? One day it’s telling me me my hive has collapsed, it missing queen, and it has swarmed. Don’t waste your money on this as it actually does nothing. It can’t even get the temperature correct let alone workout what is happening in the hive.


Well done for not filtering this guy out so how far off was the temp?


Basic whatever it is reporting for the outside temp on the weather channel it out side temp and that the same as the inside temp.


Hi Everyone,

We now recommend mounting the BuzzBox (legacy) within the hive. You can mount it on a slatted rack like this one if you have no room for it:

The benefits of internal mounting are that the audio, temperature, and humidity readings will be much more true to the conditions of the colony.

We’ve made significant improvements to our hardware via the BuzzBox Mini, and the BuzzBox legacy is now discontinued. We’re offering deep discounts for original legacy adopters to help them upgrade. Contact hello@osbeehives.com with your original order number to access this discount.

BuzzBox Mini Features

Here’s a list of the new great upgrades that come with the BuzzBox Mini:

  • Easy/No-Tool Installation : we invested in a custom case that’s thin enough to fit in “bee space”, perfect for internal hive-mounting, with no special mounting hardware needed. Just slide in place, and you’re all set.
  • More Accurate Sensor Readings : the legacy BuzzBox was mounted outside the hive. The Mini can be placed near the queen to get the most accurate audio, temperature, and humidity readings possible.
  • Better Solar Panel Performance : we increased the solar panel specs and beefed up the battery, so the Mini will last much longer in cloudy or sunless conditions.
  • Increased Solar Panel Cable Length : many have asked for a longer solar cable, so we doubled it.
  • Easy Setup : the buttons and LEDs are on the outside of the case making it super simple to set up your BuzzBox. We streamlined the entire setup process to make sure you won’t get stuck.

Regarding the health estimation feature, we’ve collected over 3 million sensor readings and now have 1.1m+ audio recordings from 2300+ hives across more than 30 countries. That new data is being rolled into an update system that will be released soon. The legacy BuzzBox and BuzzBox Mini will receive automatic updates when we’re ready, so all units will improve in performance.

We appreciate your trust and patience. This is much less about commerce than it is about helping beekeepers and honey bees. If you want to participate, please provide feedback in the app through inspection logs. Tell us what you observe, and that makes the system smarter.

Thank you all,
~OSBeehives Team


So what your saying is that the original buzzbox doesn’t work? And I need to buy the newest version?
Right now there are no bees in my hive as I have lost them due to robbing. But yet the buzzbox says everything is ok. So what is the point of the buzz box again?
Maybe you should send me the current buzzbox that actually works.


Go back and read what I wrote and reply with something that demonstrates you understood.

“The legacy BuzzBox and BuzzBox Mini will receive automatic updates when we’re ready, so all units will improve in performance.”’

“We now recommend mounting the BuzzBox (legacy) within the hive.”


Hello Aaron!

Is there an eta of the update? Is this information going to be sent out to all your customers via email?

Also I’m not going to upgrade untill I actually see improvements in action (even on my legacy on the outside of the box) and I’m also hoping for a web-interface!



Hi Joe, this is Scarr01 from Australian. When I got involved with Buzzbox, it was when they started up their Kick Starter funding. I was excited, finally I had a way of checking on the wellbeing of my bees. I agree that some of the measurements may not be totally accurate. Also there are the miss firing of the AI interpretation of the audio.

However, I was able to see trends an get feedback from listening and observations that I could not get before. In one circumstance it saved my beehive. I trialed a heater, only 15 watts pad. The unit over heated and there was melted wax and dead bees inside the hive. I was alerted to the problem because I listened to the audio and I was heard the bees going crazy. I was able to recuse them and saved the colony and the Queen. I felt really bad for them but they soon recovered and we back to work the next day fixing up the damage. If I did not have the Buzzbox the bees would have been dead. For me the Buzzbox paid for itself that night.

The other thing for me was that I could participate in a global experiment with like-minded people taking affirmative action for the survival of the bees. Part of this was the fact that this was new technology and participating in this would help to refine the technology. We are Varroa mite and small hive beetle free here in Western Australia and I wanted to get this information to the guys at Buzzbox before it was too late.

This is a research project and there are kinks to be worked out. I signed up with this understanding in place and I am doing what I can to help with the research. I believe the audio analysis will improve over time and I will continue to support the project.

Cheers Scarr01


Actually, i went to dell printer error 016-302 for the information of buzz box but there is no such description present over there.