What hive types would you like to see in our App?


Hello everyone,

Soon we will be adding to the list of beehives you can select when adding a hive in the OSBeehives App. Since there are so many konds of hive, we’d like to get your input on which to include.

Currently we have only Langstroth, Warre, Top Bar, and “Other” – which others should we add?


In Europe I know of Zander, Simplex and Dadant as thé most frequent used hives. (I use the first 2 mentioned).
I also have made a hive myself so I’d leave the option “other” available. Or even expand on that and let the user define his type of hive. You could ask for more data when adding a hive like that - exterior and interior measurements, amount of frames, materials used R (isolasion) factor,…


Thanks @Bob! Always appreciate your input :honeybee: :exploding_head:


Splitting the Top Bar hives could be useful. Tanzanian, Kenyan and Cathedral are a few that spring to mind. Although the same principal quite different hives.