What is the future of BuzzBox?

What is the future for BuzzBox? The product is quite interesting but, there are some indications that show that it is probably not doing well:

  • Some questions here on the forum still remain unanswered
  • support response time is long
  • does the project have financial problems? I received an email asking the owner of BuuzBox asking for financial support.
  • the development of counterparts is not as fast as the community needs

Is the end of the BuzzBox coming? @Aaron

I had presumed some months ago that BuzzBox had failed, and my post to this forum surfaced similar thoughts.

At the time, no forum posts were being addressed, and neither the support or contact emails were being responded to. The app had also failed.

And then last month, I mysteriously received another BuzzBox in the post, without explanation. And there seems to be an app update?

I’m certainly confused about the current situation.

I agree. The local leadership team does not have well-resolved PR and marketing. It’s a shame, because it hurts a promising-looking project a lot.

Although I support the project, I can’t get rid of the feeling and the whole project seems very amateurish, disorganized and unstable to me. It doesn’t give me too much confidence. I literally wait for it to end every day and the purchased equipment will be useless :frowning:

Perhaps, however, the management will confront this and honestly explain the whole situation to us, whatever it may be. @Aaron @Aaron_Makaruk @Tristan Can you give us an official opinion on this?

Yes- communicate, communicate, communicate!

I think it would be a real shame for the project to stall. The tech works and I’m sure is a great basis for making an even better Gen3 buzz box. And then there’s all the machine learning potential… certainly if it gets to fire-and-forget with super easy config and web access to data (and it’s almost there right now) then I would recommend it to some of the more less tech savvy beekeepers… let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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@realcodfish @Petr_Misak @james-lewisham,

We have been pretty significantly impacted by COVID. I will spare everyone the details, but thankfully we’ve managed the situation and things are smoothing out for us.

We have new features in the pipeline that we think will be quite significant for the beekeeping community. This includes a generational revision of our health estimation AI based on millions of new data points from beekeepers across 40+ countries.

Regarding our missteps, we do apologize for them. Please keep in mind that we are a startup with limited finances, and this platform requires contributions from entomologists, electrical engineers, software developers, and data scientists in addition to the business team that is managing global production and distribution channels. All of this is quite expensive, and we really do need to raise more capital. I believe the mission warrants it as well.

In any case, we will have new inventory available within two weeks, and I will see to it that our support and communications are well managed from here on.

Thank you for your feedback,

So can we look forward to road maps? Where will the news that awaits us in the future be presented in time?


We have a new BuzzBox setup flow that makes that process much easier. This will be released within a week.

We’re updating the hive logs for both BuzzBox users and standard hive users, and this will include documentation about what each BB data reading means as well as information about the content of each hive inspection log.

We’ll be making a generational improvement to the BuzzBox AI after that, which will make health estimations much more accurate.

The other things will be announced as we get closer to release.

Feel free to share requests if you like.


Hello,I am new to beekeeping , I have 4 hives and I am considering finding a solution that will allow me to monitor them.
Reading this thread …I wonder if buying the buzzbox makes sense or not.

So a question for the personss who bought it: if you would need to decide now, based on the existing functionalities, bugs etc…would you buy buzzbox ?
Thank you.

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