When will it Ship? Buzzbox, Mini


I bought two Buzzbox Minis over two weeks ago. I emailed the company to ask when they will ship, with NO response from the company. Does anyone know when they will ship or if the company is going under??? It is concerning that I have not gotten a response to my email…


It’s a “pre order” I also ordered two a little while ago. They do respond to questions but always the same response. “We are still working on it” so who knows when it will actually release… I was told soon but that was a few months ago.


Thank you, I was under the impression it had been released… I look forward to getting them at some point…


I wouldn’t worry. They told me it’s going to be better then what is advertised. Just kinda wish they we’re more involved with social media, like some updates or something. If I was selling a product I’d be marketing the crap out of it. Guess we’ll see


I am concerned about them too. I ordered mine in December and still haven’t received it. I thought it was supposed to ship in May and here we are in June and nothing so far. Anyone know if we can get a refund?


I received the following message Thursday 30 May 2019…
“Hi There,

Production is done, all units passed inspection, and they’ll be in the US next week. We’ll ship them out upon receipt within 48 hours (max).


According to this message we should have our shipments in about a weeks time…
Hope this helps…


Check your email. I think we are about to be surprised with a delivery!!

I got this message on the 3rd

BuzzBox Mini Update
The BuzzBox Minis will be at our Hong Kong warehouse on Tuesday, June 11 (one week from today). To cut delivery times, we’ve opted to ship direct to your door from HK instead of importing to the US distribution center. This upgraded shipping comes at our expense, so free of charge to you as a small gesture to recognize your patience.

Once received in Hong Kong on Tuesday, they’ll ship out Thursday and US customers will receive them between the 15th and 17th. You will receive a tracking number in an email.

We do apologize for the delays. It’s been out of our hands, as our manufacturer took extra quality control precautions.

Thank you,
OSBeehives Team

Also, on the 5th I got this email

BuzzBox Mini Shipping Address
If your BuzzBox Mini shipping address has changed since you placed your order, please send the updated one ASAP - even if you already sent it !

Go ahead and email: hello@osbeehives.com

Thank you,
OSBeehives Team


Good things take time. Cheers Scarr01


Hi there- has anyone gotten an update or an email with tracking info?


Still no buzz box mini, sad that there is no communication on the shipping status.


I received the message below from BuzzBox today… Sounds as though we will have them soon…

Good news. The BuzzBox Minis are all in the export warehouse in Hong Kong and will be shipping tomorrow. In almost all cases, they’re being shipped by 2-day air so will arrive within 3 days or so. Unfortunately, they won’t have automated emails with tracking numbers, but we do have them and can track all packages.

Thank you,
OSBeehives Team


So Happy. :hugs: can not wait for them to arrive. Scarr01


Just got the Buzzbox Mini and will be installing it ASAP. Thanks guys great job. Scarr01


I just received my minis (2). They looks completely different from the earlier pictures. It is about the size of an iPhone. It comes with a burlap ‘sock’ to put it in. It has 3 buttons that I’d guess were power, setup and one with a circular icon. I don’t that it is a ‘return’ button but one to control cycling through a list.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the the box states “Setup Instructions Are Here:
www.start.osbeehives.com”. They aren’t


Hi All,

We do apologize that the instructions aren’t updated yet. That’s happening as we speak.

The good news is the setup process is the same, except now the buttons are on the outside of the enclosure to make things easier. Use the standard instructions: