WiFi hotspot connections


I’m anxiously awaiting my BuzzBox Mini in the next few weeks. I should have checked before I ordered on a question I have. My ISP allows me to use hotspots located all over the place but requires me to login to the hotspot, at least the first time. My devices now automatically connect and recognize the hotspot when they are within range. My hive location is at a local community garden where I can get a hotspot signal and have used that hotspot connection with some devices and the app installed (and forced the app to use wifi and not cellular). I’ve had decent results overall with the signal. Sometimes I’ve had to resort to using cell data for the upload. My question is: will BuzzBox Mini allow me to use this connection and remember my login credentials or will it have to store data until I am able to make it to the hive and use my phone as a hotspot to upload the data? I’m really hoping to get real-time data since my work takes me out of town on a regular basis.


Re: Hotspot: If it’s a standard b/g/n network with SSID and password, you should be fine just logging in once. If there’s a capture portal, I don’t think it will work.

Re: Storing Data: The BuzzBox doesn’t store data. It streams it live to the server via WiFi.